After the OB30 update, we have witnessed many changes in the game. While some characters get nerfed, Free Fire Max has recently gone live, and several adjustments in balances were introduced to the game.

Despite all that, not everything is different. Ranking up in Free Fire still poses quite a hassle to players. However, you can totally turn the tables by choosing an appropriate landing spot. Knowing the best landing locations in Free Fire will give you a great headstart for your match.

1. Clock Tower (Bermuda)

Updates are easy-come-easy-go, but Clock Tower will never not be a hot drop spot for Free Fire gamers. Those who want to be part of a thrilling match should choose this as their drop mark and lock the area down.

Despite being highly volatile, the area will help you earn points through elimination once you managed to lockdown.

Clock Tower Bermuda
Clock Tower is always a hot drop for Free Fire players.

2. Peak (Bermuda)

While many considered Peak one of the best landing locations in Free Fire, it is seeing less activity as time passes by. After the OB30 update, the spot even has less combat.

However, you should head to this area if you want to rank up in the game. Peak grants a decent amount of loot and you can effortlessly rotate after the area no longer has opponents.

Peak Bermuda
Peak (Bermuda)

3. Command Post (Kalahari)

Changes are inevitable yet Command Post still remains a fan-favorite drop spot. It has not only good loot but also good protection from Free Fire snipers thanks to the number of present structures.

Both aggressive and passive players can land here for ranking up as it suits and supports many players. The only thing to take note of is that Command Post has enemies who are masters in shotgun and always looking for players to shoot them down.

Command Post Kalahari
Command Post

4. Moathouse (Purgatory)

If passive players want an easy kickoff to the match, Moathouse is quite ideal to drop on. Apart from being extremely safe for a whole squad to head to, it also offers decent loot.

While rotating to the center land may be quite an issue, overall, the area is the best for beginners as well as skilled passive players to land and rank up in the game.

Moathouse Purgatory
Your entire squad can drop here safely.

5. Brasilia (Purgatory)

The last but not least zone for the best landing locations in Free Fire is Brasilia. It is quite a strange mark for dropping. Players can either land on a hot-drop or a place with barely any other players. Nevertheless, this place is recommended for both aggressive and passive players.

If you like a passive style of gameplay, you can spend time here as it is in the center of the map. Aggressive players can also land here to loot and move out searching for enemies to defeat. It is a great area either way for ranking up in Free Fire.

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