Free Fire OB30 patch is releasing later today, after maintenance on 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. In this article, we are going to showcase all the new features included in the Free Fire OB30 patch notes.

6v6 Free Fire
The Clash Squad mode update is one of the most anticipated parts of Free Fire OB30 Patch Notes.

1 - Clash Squad Changes

New 6 vs 6 Clash Squad mode

A new version of clash squad with teams of 6 is available as a new feature of the Custom Room.

Clash Squad Bermuda spawn point adjustment

Apparently, the Clock Tower zone in Bermuda Clash Squad is unfair for the team that comes up from the lower spawn area. Because of that, they adjusted the spawn point so that both teams would have the same start, with the warehouse being in the center of the map. Mars Electric also gets the same treatment.

2 - Battle Royale changes

Airdrop vending machine (classic + ranked mode)

The vending machine and its associated features (gather gear and revive fallen teammates) have been too useful in Free Fire matches. This is why they are no longer placed at the same place every match anymore: vending machines are now airdropped onto the map.

Battle Royale Ob30
Battle Royale optimization is the most important change in Free Fire OB30 Patch Notes.

Revive points HUD and UI display optimization

As the revive system is becoming a main feature in Free Fire battle royale, Garena has upgraded the UI to give players more info about it. This allows players and squad to plan around capturing these points and preventing enemies from using them.

  • Added a countdown to when the revival points will be closed for the match.
  • Players can now see revival points being captured on the map.
  • Added a revival point cooling countdown on the map.
  • Optimized HUD display when watching players who are capturing revival points.
  • Revival points will no longer disappear midway while players are capturing them.
revival points
Revival points and revival mechanics are rebalanced in the Free Fire OB 30 updates.

Safe Zone Adjustment

Some players have been hiding outside the circle to wait for players inside to eliminate each other. This is not how a Free Fire game should be played, therefore, Garena has decided to increase the damage taken outside of the safe zone by 10%. Additionally, the damage buildup also increases by 3%.

With this adjustment, players had better learn how to predict safe zone in Free Fire to gain an advantage in the new patch.

Training Island

Some objects from the combat zone are removed to make enemies more visible.

3 - Character and Pets changes


Chrono's shield is still too strong after all the nerfs.

  • Movement speed bonus: 5/7/9/11/13/15% -> 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Duration: 3/4/5/6/7/8s -> 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • Cooldown: 200/192/185/179/174/170s > 250/242/235/229/224/220s.


  • Character movement speed when camouflaged is reduced by 20%.

Elite Andrew

The stacking bonus wolfpack of Elite Andrew is too strong. Because of that, Garena is reducing his skill's damage reduction.

  • Armor damage reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% -> 5/7/8/9/10/11%


Shirou's passive is unreliable in prolonged combat. Therefore, Garena has decided to cut its cooldown by half so that players can use it more often.

  • Cooldown: 35/34/32/29/25/20s-> 25/24/22/19/15/10s

Jai microchip

Players can now acquire Jai's skill by buying this microchip

Jai Character Featured
Jai's skill is back under the form of a microchip.

4 - Weapon rebalances

One of the most noticeable update this time is Free Fire OB30 weapon changes. There are new items added, some guns nerfed and some others buffed.

Armor attachments (Battle Royale only)

While there are 7 attachments revealed in the OB30 Advance server, only 2 are added in this patch: Vest Thickener and Vest HP booster. More will come in the near future.

  • Vest Thickener: Reduce explosion damage taken
  • Vest HP Booster: Boost your HP when equipped to a vest

Treatment Sniper Rifle (Battle Royale only)

This sniper rifle will allow players to heal their teammates from afar.

  • Minimum Damage: 70
  • Healing: 50
  • Fire rate: 0.45
training grounds update
Free Fire OB 30 updates full details also include training grounds update.

Spas12 buff

  • +10% range

Being a single shot weapon, the Spas12 has been the weakest shotgun in the game for a long time. This buff allows the weapon to be more competitive.

FF Knife buff

The FF Knife is the hardest weapon to use in Free Fire, therefore, it needs a buff.

  • Damage +50%
  • Attack speed +20%

P90 buff

  • +10% range

The P90 is still underpowered comparing to other SMGs in mid-range fights. This buff might change that.

P90 Rebel Academy
The P90 is getting a range buff in Free Fire OB 30 Patch Notes

AWM buff

  • Armor Penetration +8%

The AWM is finally getting the ability to deal with armored foes.

SKS buff

  • Minimum damage when scoped: +25%

The SKS is slightly underpowered right now against armored enemies. This buff will fix that problem.

Grenade nerf

  • Maximum damage: -25%

Currently, the grenade is too strong. With this change, players can no longer kill an enemy instantly with a grenade anymore.

UMP nerf

  • Recoil +8%

Vector nerf

The Vector, after quite a few nerfs, is still too strong at close range. These changes will allow players enough time to react against the Vector Akimbo.

  • Reload time: -20%
  • Fire rate: -5%
  • Ammo: -5
  • Akimbo firing speed: -20%.
  • Movement speed on Akimbo: -4%

5 - Gameplay and System changes

New Replay System

This system allows players to rewatch any of their games. Content creators will have a much easier time creating highlights. Only select devices are able to run this feature, however. This is probably the most hyped features in Free Fire OB30 patch notes.

Guild System

New features and user interface, alongside new guild boxes.

New Replay Feature
New Replay Feature in Free Fire OB 30 updates

6 - QoL Changes

  • Added player rating star count to the game’s Clash Squad leaderboard.
  • Players can split their items while dropping them.
  • Added chat bubbles in the team formation menu.
  • Optimized grenade timer display on the minimap.

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