Free Fire has recently released a chain of events to commemorate Free Fire Max's launch, alongside the upcoming OB30 update. Amongst the new additions, the McLaren Winning Spirit car skin is probably the most f2p-friendly task. In this article, we are going to show you how to get it for free.

1. McLaren Winning Spirit car skin features

The McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin is probably one of the most unique car skins in Free Fire. It completely changes the shape of the car into an actual race car, with the color of McLaren (blue and yellow). The body of the McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin is decorated by futuristic curves and blue lines.

The best part about this skin is probably the glowing, futuristic tires. This is completely fictional, as no normal cars have this type of tire. The car has 2 seats, similar to that of the sports car, however, its seats are placed in a line, not side by side.

McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin
This skin changes the frame of the car.

2. How to get the McLaren Winning Spirit car skin for free?

The event will start on October 2. On this day, players need to play at least 100 minutes of Free Fire to unlock the skin for free. As it is a Saturday and most Free Fire players have the day off, this requirement is as good as done.

Players will be able to claim the skin from the event section afterward. Just tap on the Max the Fire tab, select the Free Car Skin option and tap the claim button to unlock the skin. While the McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin actually increases the vehicle's top speed, it offers lower protection. Therefore, players need to be more careful when driving it.

McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin
The McLaren Winning Spirit Car Skin 

3. Free Fire early October event calendar

With the introduction of various new events, Garena has revealed an event calendar for the upcoming Free Fire Max release. Players should check out the list below for the upcoming free rewards in Free Fire:

  • Celebrate Max Launch: 28 September – 10 September
  • Max the Fire: 30 September – 10 September
  • Claim Pre-registration Reward: 30 September – 10 September
  • Max Mission Exchange Reward: 30 September – 10 September
  • Free Car Skin: 2 October
  • Feed the Pet: 4 September – 10 September
  • Max Weekend: 9 September – 10 September
  • Login Now: 10 September

It is likely that some of the events would require you to log in to Free Fire MAX for free rewards. It is best to download Free Fire Max and try it out when the game is released. The most wanted bonus of the calendar, the pre-registration reward, is going to be distributed on Sep 30. Players can claim them via the in-game mail. Most of the big events will end on October 10. Players should online every day to get the most out of them.

Free Fire Early October Event Calendar
Garena has planned a lot of new events to celebrate Free Fire Max's upcoming release

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