Free Fire's OB30 patch is going to hit the live server in a few hours, and along with it, a host of changes to weapons and equipment. Guns are a big part of the game, therefore, competitive players need to follow Free Fire OB30 weapon changes closely. In this article, we are going to analyze the various buff and nerf of this patch to see which are the best guns to use.

1 - Free Fire OB30 new items

Armor attachments (Battle Royale only)

There are 2 new attachments that can be equipped to vest this patch, the thickener and HP booster.

  • Vest HP Booster: Boost your HP when equipped with a vest.
  • Vest Thickener: Reduce explosion damage taken.
new items
The new armor attachments in OB30 are going to be a game-changer.

Overall, these two attachments are the most powerful amongst the 7 attachments introduced in Free Fire OB30 advance server. More HP is always useful, and the Vest HP booster gives you just enough to tank one more shot. For example, an increase from 200 to 240 can make a big difference between 1 shot and 2 shot kills. Vest thickener is situationally useful.

Treatment Sniper Rifle (Battle Royale only)

Overall, this gun is going to be a method of free instant heal so that teammates could get back into combat right away. It heals 50 HP each shot instantly, which is much faster than a medkit. This item is definitely going to be useful in competitive ranked.

  • Minimum Damage: 70
  • Healing: 50
  • Fire rate: 0.45
Treatment Sniper
Treatment Sniper in Free Fire

2 - Free Fire OB30 weapon buffs

Garena has buffed the weakest weapon in each class.

Spas12  +10% range
FF Knife Damage +50%
Attack speed +20%
P90 +10% range
AWM  Armor Penetration +8%
SKS Minimum damage when scoped: +25%

Overall, the biggest winner of Free Fire OB30 weapon changes is probably the SKS. A damage increase for a marksman rifle is not a joke - with the +25% minimum damage, players will be able to deal damage much more consistently now.

The FF Knife also got an amazing buff. However, being a melee weapon with low reach, it is still useless.

Free Fire OB30 weapon changes boost the SKS greatly.

3 - Free Fire OB30 weapon nerfs

Garena has nerfed the UMP and Vector multiple times in a row. These two are the strongest and most popular weapons in the SMG class, alongside the MP40.

Grenade Maximum damage: -25%
UMP Recoil +8%
Vector Reload time: -20%
Fire rate: -5%
Ammo: -5
Akimbo firing speed: -20%.
Movement speed on Akimbo: -4%

The grenade nerf in Free Fire OB30 is probably the biggest change, however, as you can no longer instantly kill a player with a grenade anymore. If an enemy is directly hit by a grenade, the blast would only leave them at critical HP.

The Vector Akimbo got greatly nerfed, with Akimbo firing speed: -20% being the biggest hit on its damage potential. However, the rest of the nerfs are fairly minor - you can probably still use the Vector like normal.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Free Fire Vector Akimbo is still crazy strong.

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