Free Fire's OB30 patch, released on Sept 8, 2021, will bring significant changes to the helmet and vest system. They can now be equipped with attachments that greatly improve their protection. In some cases, these attachments also change how the armor works. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about these armor attachments in OB30.

Even vests and helmets get to have attachments now

1 - Free Fire's new vests & helmets attachments

There are 7 types of new attachments that can be added to helmets and vests added in Free Fire OB30 Advance Server.

Vest HP booster

This attachment increases the wearer's maximum HP from 200 to 220 when wearing the vest. Vest HP booster can stack with Luqueta's skill to potentially increase your Max HP to 270, the highest ever in Free Fire.

Vest Hardener

This attachment greatly increases vest durability, which you can stack Andrew's ability on top of that for even higher durability. It is unsure how this would work with Shani's ability.

Vest Thickener

Vest Thickener attachment reduces the damage you take from explosions. With this, grenades and grenade launchers like the M79 won't be a problem.

Vest Thickener
Equipping a vest thickener will counteract the damage from explosive weapons.

Vest Enlarger

This is a special attachment that allows your vest to provide full-body protection. This means limb shots will deal less damage when you have a vest with this attachment on. Normally, a vest only protects the character's body. It is unsure how much protection this attachment would provide, as limb shots already deal lowered damage.

Vest Pocket

This vest attachment would increase your carrying capacity. Overall, a fairly redundant attachment that you should switch out when possible.

Helmet Hardener

The Helmet Hardener attachment improves the helmet's durability, similar to how the Vest hardener works. This bonus buff can be situationally useful.

Helmet Thickener

This attachment increase your helmet's protection against headshot even further. A level 4 helmet with this attachment will be able to tank a lot of headshots. This is going to be the most useful equipment of the bunch, as headshots is the most dangerous part of Free Fire combat.

Helmet Thickener
You can see the attachment on the top right corner of the helmet/vest icons.

2 - How to use Free Fire OB30 new attachments

These new attachments in Free Fire Advance Server OB30 will join the list of common items that you can find on the map randomly during matches. They are going to be great tactical options for increasing survivability, especially the Vest Thickener and the Helmet Hardener.

new items
The new armor attachments in OB30 are going to be a game-changer.

It is unclear if these attachments would be added to the Clash Squad market or not. Furthermore, they can also be added to the Vending Machine's list of goods.

This is the end of our guide for armor attachments in OB30. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the Free Fire Pro Series India 2021.