This December 2020, Free Fire Operation Chrono is no doubt the most expected event that all Free Fire fans are all tempted to have. Being said to be a big patch note, Free Fire OB25 patch Operation Chrono will be included with not only new character and new map but also new weapon. Yesterday, Garena Free Fire dropped the very first look of the Vector Akimbo. This gun is promised to be one of the most offbeat and destructive guns you can ever find in-game. Keep scrolling to to find out what is special about it.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Free Fire Vector Akimbo, the first dual welding weapons is going to be made available in the game soon

Despite having a vast range of weapons, Garena Free Fire keeps testing the limit and roll out more and more cool weapons with stargazing features. However, in the upcoming updates, players will have a chance to try out the first-ever Akimbo weapon which allows you to give damage from both hands. Sound interesting? Here are the details of Vector Akimbo that you will want to know.

  • Damage: 22
  • Magazine: 25
  • Rate of fire: 0.08
Free Fire Vector Akimbo 2
The evry first look of Free Fire Vector Akimbo gun
Free Fire Vector Akimbo 3
The weapons allow players to give damage from both hands at the same timee

Being a Vector gun, Vector Akimbo will make its best when it come to a close distance If you're familiar to short range combats, this gun will make the best choices as you can use both hands and give out double damage in no time. Check out more details about the Vector Akimbo gun in the following video:

According to Garena Free Fire, the gun will be made available soon on December 7th when the OB25 Patch Note Operation Chrono is launched. However, the chance of getting the gun for free from an event is yet to be unknown. Apart from new gun updated, Free Fire also spills the been about a new character named Chrono who is the in-game version of football star Christiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, a new map in the game which set in futuristic universe theme is also expected to be available in this big update.

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