After much speculation, Free Fire Advance Server OB25 has been made available for enthusiastic fans who want to experience new features of the game first-hand. Apart from the new character Snowelle and new Baboon pet, the game developer has also introduced a new character whose identity has yet to be revealed. Being launched on Free Fire Advance Server OB25 under the name ‘Mystery Character’, this special character has taken the Free Fire gaming community by storm. So who is the Free Fire Character Chrono, what is his origin and ability? Here is everything you need to know

Mystery Character Chrono
Free Fire is going to launch a brand new character called Chrono, find out who is he in real life

Who is Free Fire Character Chrono?

When it comes to Free Fire character introduction, the game always gives full details of them before making the character available on the server. However, Mystery Character is obviously an exception as not only his name and original being unknown but also his face is covered with a mask. This posed a huge question to Free Fire fans that speculations started doing the rounds right after the first look of Free Fire Mystery Character being revealed.

The first look of Chrono as the 'Mystery character" on the Advance Server

According to some trusted sources, the latest Mystery Character, also known as the character Chrono, is the in-game version of the famous Portuguese football player Christiano Ronaldo. This is the most reliable and persuasive speculation as Chrono might be the shortened form of Christiano Ronaldo. In fact, this is not the first time Free Fire takes inspiration from a football star. Earlier in July, the game also released a character called Luqueta who is the in-game version of Latino football player Lucas Paqueta

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Fire 640x360
Chrono is no other than the playable version of football star Cristiano Ronaldo

Free Fire Character Chrono Ability

Being blessed with the Time-Turner skill, free fire Mystery Character Chrono can create a force field around himself which not only decreases the enemy’s damage by 500 but also help him to move faster for 10 seconds. According to that, at level 8, the character Chrono can increase his movement speed by 40% while the cooldown time is 40s.

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Fire Cr7 Pode Fazer Parceri

How to get Free Fire Character Chrono

At the moment, you can enjoy battles using the Mystery Character Chrono for free by trying out the Free Fire Advance Server OB25. The server will be open until the end of December 3rd. After that, you can't wait to get the character Chrono on the official server in the upcoming event.

After collaborating with celebs like DJ Alok, DJ KSHMR, or Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, Free Fire is going to take its fans by storm for the rare collaboration with biggest football star in the world Cristiano Ronaldo. Apart from the news about Free Fire character Chrono, stay tuned for the latest news about Free Fire big update Operation Chrono with a lot of changes. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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