When it comes to Free Fire, there are a lot of factors that keep a hundred of millions of players engaged in the game. One of the reasons is that the game owner keeps testing the limit and rolls out new features periodically. If you have been sticking to the game for months, you must have experience or at least heard about the Free Fire Advancer Server on which the latest features are made available for a free trial. In case you want to experience Free Fire Avance Server OB25 as well as the APK download file of it, keep scrolling down for more details.

Free Fire Advancer Server OB25
Free Fire Advancer Server OB25 has just been rolled out. Get the APK file and check the game right now!

Free Fire Advancer Server OB25: New features

After many speculations, finally, Free Fire Advance Server OB25 version has finally rolled out on the official Advance Server website of Garena Free Fire yesterday November 276th. According to the game owner, the latest version will be included with a lot of new features including new weapons, character and even a new pet. Apart from making the Vector SMG gun back to the game, the Free Fire Advance Server OB25 also spills the beans on a new weapon - the scythe. This is definitely a unique hand tool which is suitable for melee combats.

Along with the coming of OB25 Advance Server is a new character whose name is believed to be Snowlle. While the details about this character are uncertain, there is one thing we can be sure of is that she has an extraordinary ability to ‘inactive’ rivals’ ability.

Free Fire Character Snowlle

Another major update in Free Fire Advance Server OB25 is the new Baboon pet. According to some sources, this giant monkey can help its player to expand the throwing range of different types of grenades including the Gloo Grenade. Find out more details about Free Fire new Baboon pet right here: Free Fire Advance Server OB25: New Baboon Pet Origins, Ability And Everything You Need To Know

Free Fire Advancer Server OB25 APK download

According to the official announcement from Garena, Free Fire Advance Server OB25 will be opened starting from November 26th to December 3th, 2020. After that, the server will be temporarily closed. Therefore, players who want to experience the latest features first hand should rush to get the APK download link and follow some other steps to play right now.

Sign up for Free Fire Advance Server OB25 at the following LINK. If your registration is successful, you will receive a code to activate the Advance Server version.

Get Free Fire Advance Server OB25 APK download link. Please note that the file size is up to 1GB so please make sure that your device has enough space for the download to be completed. In addition to that, Free Fire Advance Server is only available for Android users. If your device does not run on an Android 4.0 or higher, you cannot get Free Fire Advance Server APK download at all.

Free Fire Advance Serve
The official website of Free Fire Advance Server where players need to sign up with their account to get the activation code

Open the file manager and tap on the APK file to start the installation process. In case you haven’t installed any APK file before, go to Settings and turn on the Install From Unknown Source mode.

After the installation is completed, launch the app from your home screen, log-in with the guest account, and put in the activation code to start playing on the Free Fire Advancer Server OB25.

How to win up to 3000 diamonds by playing Free Fire Advance Server OB25

Apart from having the chance to give it a try on the latest features of the game, players who sign up for Free Fire Advance Server OB25 can also win rewards for detecting bugs or glitches in the Advance System. In fact, players who spot out the highest number of bugs stand a chance of winning 3000 diamonds from the same. In addition to that, Garena also rewards other players 100 diamonds for each major bugs being spotted.

Find out the details about Garena Free Fire Advance Server bug detection: How To Open Free Fire Advance Server And Win Up To 3000 Diamonds?

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire Advance Server OB25 and how to download the version with APK file on an Android device. Be the first one to undergo the latest updates of the games and tell us how do you think about the new weapons, pets, and characters. In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment.

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