Recently, Free Fire has been coming up with a lot of special events that give players in general and Indian ones in particular huge chances to gain limited gifts and save money. Apart from the Booyah Days Celebration and the Diwali Event 2020 to be in the pipe, the battle royale game has launched a brand new discount event called Free Fire Diamond Genie which gives players up to 980 diamonds for purchasing items from the event. Check out the article below for the discount policies and how to save diamonds in Diamond Genie events.

New Diamond Genie Event Got Everything In Low Free
The Free Fire Diamond Genie is all set to grant you wishes for hot items with a super great discount!

Taking place from October 26 to November 1, Free Fire Diamond Genie event offers players great discounts for purchasing items from the limited Genie store. With the Genie  Buy releasing the Genie from the magic lamp, you will be granted three levels of discount. However, the discount policies are not the same among player. It is likly to depend on your level, your purchase history and a bit of luck. While the discount rate is normally around 70-80% off, lucky player can a 99% off deal (980 diamond discount for purchasing at least 999 diamond bill).

Free Fire Genie Event 1024x576

Such a lucrative deal as you will need to pay only 199 diamonds for a 999-diamond bill, in another word, you will get a maximum 80% discount for purchasing items from the Free Fire Diamond Genie event. Meanwhile, items in the Diamond Genie store come in a vast range from outfits, characters, gun boxes, vouchers, and many other items.

To get a great discount in the Diamond Genie event, all you need to do is to add items you want to buy into the basket. The original price and discount price will be displayed in the right corner of the screen. You can check out with at least 1 item in the basket while the maximum number is unlimited. Each player can check out in the events 3 times so it means and it is such a great chance to stack up every item you have been dreaming about with a super low budget.

Apart from the news about Free Fire Diamond Genie, stay tuned with for the latest news about Free Fire upcoming events and much other hot news about games and entertainment!

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