Being one of the biggest esports events of Free Fire in 2020, Free Fire Continetial Series FFCS has gained huge attention over the past month and today, November 29th is the biggest day of the event when the finals take place. While the finals matches will be streamed online on many different social media channels, all Free Fire players will stand a chance to win a lot of valuable gifts for logging in and watch the live stream. Check out the reward list and how to get them from the FFCS 2020.

Ffcs 2020

Free Free FFCS Log-in Rewards November 29th

While the FFCS finals are taking place, every player will be granted exclusive rewards just by logging in to the game on November 29th. According to Garena Free Fire, every player will receive an FFCS The Apprentice Backback, not the mention the Lighting Utopica Skateboard which is the log-in reward of the Free Free Light Up The World event.

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Free Fire FFCS Log-In Rewards November 30th

In fact, apart from the limited rewards on the day of finals, Free Fire players also stand a chance to win free characters, character level cards or event free emote for logging in the game on the next day. However, the types of rewards you're likely to receive will depend on the number of viewers on FFCS Livestream video. Here is the details of rewards you can gain by logging in the game tomorrow.

However, to get the biggest reward - the Lets' go emote, the number of viewers it needs is 450K viewers. You can also contribute to the viewer count by watching the live stream video of FFCS finals right here. In addition to that, there will be a lot of rewards and redeem codes are given midway of the battles to stay tuned till the end of the tournament for free and valuable gifts.

Free Fire FFCS is an intentional esports event help by Garena Free Fire. The event is participated by pro teams coming from different counties and regions around the world. India is presented by Total gaming team who also made it to the grand finale in Asian table.