Collaborations have become the main method to add new content to Free Fire. Since the game's release, Garena has collaborated with a slew of big names in all types of media: from collaboration with Street Fighter to random TV shows like Money Heist... and even celebrities like football stars or DJs. These resulted in a lot of new and exciting events in-game. In this article, we are going to showcase the upcoming Free Fire x Venom collaboration and revealing everything currently available.

1 - Details about the Free Fire x Venom collaboration

Launching 16 October 2021, the Free Fire x Venom: Let There Be Carnage crossover will feature elements of the lethal protector Venom and the sadistic villain Carnage in the upcoming blockbuster Venom: Let there be Carnage movie.

Free Fire
Free Fire x Venom collab is going to bring various new items into the game.

This is the first time Free Fire gets a collab from a superhero franchise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As part of an exclusive in-game event starting Oct 16, Venom-related content along with exclusive items and collectibles are going to debut in-game. By participating in the events, players would be able to earn exclusive collab content such as costume bundles... and more.

As there are still two weeks left until the release, further details about the collab will be unveiled later.

2 - Leaked rewards from Free Fire x Venom collaboration

While the collab is not here yet, Garena has already added some of the content into the game during the OB30 update. Therefore, BartFF, a popular data miner, was able to reveal a few items that are going to be part of the collaboration. The list includes:

  • Venom helmet
  • Time of Carnage: We are Venom
  • Time of Carnage crate
  • Bike - Time of Carnage
  • Time of Carnage Set
  • Blue Venom Token
  • Red Venom Token
  • Hybrid Venom Token
  • Carnage Time Backpack

Overall, the new items looks fairly striking, with each and everyone of them have a spider motiv.

3 - About the movie Venom

While people are probably more familiar with the villainous portrayal of Venom in Spiderman 3, the character has been geared up toward becoming a hero in the comics. After leaving its original host Eddie Brock, the Symbiote Venom bonded with Flash Thompson, an army veteran, and joined the roster of heroes. However, in the process of bonding, Venom split and created an uncontrollable offspring called Carnage.

Venom Vs Carnage
Both creatures have a much stronger version of the power of spider-man.

While Venom is already a terrifying creature, Carnage takes every bad thing about Venom and multiplies them with a factor of 10. Stopping Carnage is the reason why Venom becomes a hero in this movie. It is likely that Free Fire players are going to get sets based on both characters.

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