Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) Fall 2021's first week has just ended with groups A and C competed against each other on the third day. In this article, we are going to showcase a full recap of the Free Fire India Championship 2021's League Stage so far. 18 teams have shown Free Fire fans an exceptional weekend.

1 - Free Fire India Championship 2021 1st Week Recap

Day 1: Group A vs Group B

Aura Gaming took first place with 72 points and 28 kills, with consistent performance. PVS finish 2nd with 29 frags and 68 points. Blind Esports finish third with their star player Nivesh getting the MVP of the day. Total Gaming esports finished 5th with their inconsistent performance, despite having 2 booyahs.

Day 1: Group A vs Group B
Aura gaming narrowly gained the first spot on day 1.

Day 2: Group B vs Group C

Galaxy Racer claiming the top spot on the second day with 76 points and 25 kills. Similar to Aura, their consistency is admirable. Head Hunter finished 2nd with 72 points, 2 booyahs and 33 frags. Despite having the same number of points. Team Elite finished third. And finally, TSM was the 4th, with TSM Oldmonk getting the MVP.

Group B vs Group C
Galaxy Racer dominates the second day with a whopping 51 placement points

Day 3: Group A vs Group C

Total Gaming did a major comeback yesterday, topping the chart with 31 kills and 71 points. While their start was slow, they swooped in and score 2 booyahs in a row in the last two games. Total Gaming's star player Delete got the MVP, with 16 kills and 6303 damage.

Day 3: Group A vs Group C
Total Gaming Esports made a comeback after their underwhelming performance in the first day.

4 Unknown and Galaxy Racer Esports come very close behind, with the same number of points but fewer kill points. Team Elite was fourth with 70 points while Day 1's most successful team, Aura Gaming, was shockingly last with 21 points.

Day 3 MVP
Delete is actually the best player in all 3 days of Free Fire India Championship 2021, with the highest number of kills.

2 - Free Fire India Championship 2021 Overall League Standings

As this round of the tournament is in a League Format, the individual performance of the teams during the round does not matter as much as their placements. Below are the league standings of all three groups, based on their placement points, exchanged into LP or League Points.

Overall, there aren't any upsets, as all the stronger teams got their place on top of the table. Total Gaming and Desi Gamers are both leading Group A with 34 league points, PVS Gaming and Blind Esports are leading group B with 30 and 29, respectively. Overall, Galaxy Racer is the best team amongst all the groups. They, along with 4 Unknown, leads group C, with 37 and 32 points.

The second week of the tournament will start on September 24 - teams who have performed below expectations can regroup and create new strategies to come out on top. The B group was the closest, with the #1 to #5 team ranging from 27 to 30 points.

FFIC League Standings
The top 2 of each group will advance to the next round while the rest will have to get through a play-in round.

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