Diamonds rarely go on sale, with the most efficient way to acquire them is the monthly pass. To encourage players to buy more, Garena just released Free Fire Membership 2.0 this patch, which allows players to get 2,600 diamonds at a huge discount. In this article, we are going to analyze the new Membership to see if it is worth the money or not.

Free fire membership
Free Fire membership 2.0 gives a lot more rewards comparing to the previous version.

1 - Free Fire Membership 2.0 overview

Similar to the previous version of Free Fire membership, Free Fire membership 2.0 also has two options: weekly and monthly. A weekly membership would cost 159 INR and the monthly membership would cost 799 INR.

However, the benefits and perks in membership 2.0 are much bigger comparing to the older version: you can get up to 6,115 diamonds worth of items! Below are the reward lists for Weekly and Monthly Membership 2.0:

Weekly Membership (159 INR)

  • 450 Diamonds

Other rewards in Free Fire weekly membership 2.0 worth 425 diamonds include the following items: Weekly Member Icon, Discount Store Privilege, Universal EP Badge x8, Second Chance x1.

Monthly Membership (799 INR)

  • 2,600 Diamonds

Other rewards in monthly membership include the following items: Monthly Membership Icon, Discount Store Privilege, Second Chance x5, Universal EP Badge x60, Weapon Skin Gift Box. They are worth 3,550 diamonds in total.

2 - Are the new Membership Cards worth buying?

Overall, this is the best way for low-spender to get a moderate amount of diamonds without spending too much on the game. The Weekly version is a 440% save while the Monthly version is a 616% save comparing to just outright buying diamonds.

The monthly is still the best, of course. Players will receive 500 diamonds upon initial purchase. The rest are given via daily check-in (players get 70 diamonds daily for a month). In exchange for the value, pass buyers need to log in every day. The other bonuses like Second Chance cards would be very useful in this regard.

Once again, these are great options for players who want to get diamonds at a low cost. Currently, websites like Games Kharido and Codashop are not offering Free Fire diamond top-ups. This forces players to buy in the in-game stores, which rarely offer any deals or discounts.

3 - How to buy Membership Cards in Free Fire?

It is fairly straightforward to purchase a membership card in Free Fire.

  • Just open Free Fire or Free Fire MAX and click on the Membership icon on the Main Lobby.
  • Pick the option you want between the Weekly and Monthly plans.
  • The Weekly/Monthly Membership will be activated after completing the payment. The new Membership 2.0 is one of the reliable ways to get diamonds at low costs.
Location of the Membership icon on the Main Lobby

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