With the OB26 advance server open up, two new characters have been revealed in Free Fire, Shirou and Skyler. In this article, we would give you an overview of the new character 'Skyler' along with some of the most useful tips and tricks on using him when the patch comes out.


1 - About Skyler's Ability

Skyler is the first character based on a Vietnamese Celebrity - with the country being where the dev team of Free Fire is from, the fact that a character like this is released is somewhat expected. Apparently, Skyler's ability "Wall Destroyer" is going to be somewhat similar to K's - with an active component and a passive component.

  • Passive: Gain HP every time you use a Gloo Wall Grenade
  • Active: Skyler would blast the 100m radius area around him with a sonic wave that deals damage to all Gloo Walls. Each wall hit with the skill would heal him for a certain amount of HP.

The cooldown of this skill is a fairly standard 40 seconds... with a damage of 20 to all Gloo Walls at max level. This is just the beta, of course - Garena would probably buff it later as 20 is just too low.

2 - How to use Skyler's Ability effectively?

This is a pretty unique ability to have... as except for pets, no character has had any skill related to Gloo Walls in Free Fire yet. Usually, no one wants to waste ammo destroy a Gloo Wall, as enemies can come out afterward and shoot while you reload. It is best to just treat this ability as a heal skill - pop it up every time you see enemy Gloo Walls nearby for extra regeneration.

Habilidade Skyler Free Fire

The passive ability of gaining HP after using Gloo Walls is definitely not useless... however, with Gloo Grenades being pretty scarce, you shouldn't count on it much... unless you have gotten the Waggor pet for unlimited Gloo Wall Grenades.

Overall, while Skyler's ability is certainly useful... it is nowhere near the top tier, as the whole concept of the character is tied around a limited resource. It also does not have any synergy with other character abilities in the game, except for maybe Kapella's heal boost passive... which would boost the regeneration from Skyler's skill.

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