Finally, the 3 week long League Stage of Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest is finally over. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Pro Series week 3 day 3, alongside the final results, advancing teams, MVPs and more.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series League Stage Final Result

Top 12 teams

BLIND Esports has been dominating all tournaments they came across, including the recent FFIC group stage where they topped group B with 100 points. The same thing happened in Pro Series' League Stage, with them dominated the tournament, took the top spot with 696 points and 167 kills.

6 qualified finalists
6 qualified finalists after Free Fire Pro Series week 3 day 3

4 Unknown has closed the difference of point between them and Blind a little bit in the last day. They ranked second with 642 points and 147 kills. TSG Army pushed Team Elite down to claim third place. The two squads have 577 and 523 points, respectively.

The top half
The top half of the group

Lvl Iconic and Head Hunters did just enough in the last day to keep their position on the board. PVS gaming failed to turn the table in the end.

Bottom 12 teams

Despite being down to #16 the previous day, Total Gaming recovered and accumulated 68 points. Both fan-favorite teams Total Gaming and TSM have been pretty disappointing in the League Stage. They finished 13 and 14th, respectively. While they are unlikely to be eliminated, the next wild card rounds will definitely be challenging.

bottom 12
The bottom half of the group, with the last 6 teams eliminated

The only surprise in the final rounds is Raven Esports' narrow escape from the elimination zone. They scored a respectable 65 points, pushing Enigma Gaming out of the tournament.

2 - Free Fire Pro Series week 3 day 3 recap

Match recap

  • The first round on Bermuda has D-Esports coming out on top, eliminating both Raven Esports and Total gaming in a three-side battle.
  • 4UN came out on top literally in the second match on Kalahari, winning the game by staying on the high ground against TSG and Chemin Esports.
  • Raven Esports claimed the booyah of the 3rd match, with Deadshot getting MVP.
  • LvL Iconic dominates the 4th match on Kalahari, with Ronnegi became MVP.
  • The fifth and sixth match were claimed by Nemesis and Chemin Esports, respectively.

Pro Squad Player of the Day

Here are the best players of Week 3 Day 3, the final day of League Stage.

  • Raven Deadshot
  • TSG Ojasvi
  • Chemin AimGod
  • BLIND Ginotra

3 - How will the tournament proceed?

The top 6 squads will advance directly to the finals on October 23 and 24. Blind Esports once again prove themselves to be the top candidate of the tournament.

  • Blind Esports
  • 4 Unknown
  • TSG Army
  • Team Elite
  • Lvl Iconic
  • Head Hunters

The Wild Card will take place next week, between October 11 and 13. The 7th to 18th teams will participate to fill in the other 6 slots of the finals. The bottom 6 squads of the league stage have been eliminated. This is the last chance for teams like Total Gaming, TSM, Desi Gamers to get to the finals.

Teams qualified for wild card
Teams qualified for wild card after Free Fire pro series week 3 day 3

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