Reaching Heroic, the final rank of Free Fire, is a dream of many players. However, getting into the top 1% is an uphill battle, with a lot of obstacles that you need to overcome. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 reasons why most players fail to reach Heroic rank in Free Fire.

1. Lacking in-game experience

It is impossible to become a veteran in a single day. As you proceed higher and higher in rank, enemies become much better comparing to silver or gold tier. The only way to push this is to play a lot of Free Fire every day so that your reaction and tactical thinking get improved.

Not all games are the same - each of them has different quirks. Even veteran players from other battle royales on mobile would need time to adjust to Free Fire's gameplay mechanics. Spend some time studying Free Fire grandmaster trick to get more rank so that your practice brings effective results.

Heroic Ranked Season 20
It's a huge gap between Gold and Heroic rank in Free Fire.

2. Unable to adapt to situations

Battles in Free Fire are mostly unique... and in order to climb rank, you need to learn to adapt to the situations. During a match, you need to know when to ditch your current strategy for a new one. For example, you might want to switch your MP40 to an AR if the next circle is going to be in a clear area without much cover.

This requires you to be comfortable with many weapons and strategies, of course - which lead back to the #1 entry. It is best to practice more with unpopular weapons like shotguns in Free Fire - they might come in handy.

3. Not investing in new characters

Characters and skill activation timing are big parts of Free Fire, especially after powerful characters like Chrono were released. Even if you have good aim and game sense, not having the meta characters can limit your ability to climb rank. This is why people say that Free Fire is a pay-to-win game.

Garena Free Fire Max 4
Having the newest characters in Free Fire is always an advantage when climbing heroic rank in Free Fire.

Therefore, invest and acquire good characters in Free Fire is a must. You also need to max them and get the full benefit from the skills. Remember to pick characters based on your playstyle, as equipping a character skill without using it is a big waste.

4. Not taking the match seriously

"Trying hard" or taking the match seriously is the required mindset to climb rank in Free Fire. You need to adopt a competitive, serious mindset if you want to win matches and get to the top Free Fire highest levels. "Playing for fun" is just an excuse that people say when they failed to climb.

It is best to create a proper game plan every time you land and follow it instead of wandering around aimlessly.

5. Relying too much on hip fire

Aim down scope is a big part of Free Fire combat, as hip fire has a degree of inaccuracy. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with ADS immediately if you haven't done that already. While using hipfire only is not an issue in casual modes, ranked requires you to use ADS for the extra accuracy.

Master Ads Gyro Control
Master ADS and Gyro is needed to reach heroic rank in Free Fire.

Practice fighting while aiming down sight is a must if you want to climb rank. While this would take a lot of time to master, it is definitely worth the effort.

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