The Weapon Royale is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale System in Free Fire. You can usually find the latest and strongest Free Fire gun skins in the Weapon Royale. Every month, the Weapon Royale will reset and feature a new weapon skin as the Grand Prize for players to obtain.

Just now, Free Fire released a Weapon Royale, featuring the Parafal Crimson Heir skin as the Grand Prize. Let's go check it out now.

Free Fire New Weapon Royale
Free Fire New Weapon Royale - Parafal Crimson Heir

Free Fire New Weapon Royale - Parafal Crimson Heir

The Parafal Crimson Heir Weapon Royale starts on October 5 until  November 5.

In order to spin the Weapon Royale, players need to pay 40 Diamonds for 1 spin or 400 Diamonds for 11 spins. You can also spin the Weapon Royale using Weapon Royale Vouchers as well. Each time you spin, your Luck Quotient will increase by 1, giving you a higher chance to get the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Here are the stats of the Parafal Crimson Heir skin:

  • Accuracy ++
  • Damage +
  • Reload Speed -

The Parafal Crimson Heir skin greatly improves the Accuracy of the weapon, plus a little bit of damage, while reducing its Reload Speed. Overall, it is quite a decent skin, but it is definitely not something too powerful so you can skip it without missing out on anything.

Parafal Crimson Heir
Free Fire Parafal Crimson Heir skin

Other gun skins in latest Weapon Royale

Other than the Parafal Crimson Heir skin, there are many other weapon skins in the new Free Fire Weapon Royale you can get. Here is a list of rare skins in the Groza Operano Sheng weapon Royale:

  • Urban Rager SKS, SPAS12, AK47
  • Imperial Rome FAMAS, Kar98, MP5, AK47
  • Bumblebee SKS, SPAS12, MP5, AK47
  • Pharaoh Groza, SPAS12, M1014, AK47

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