Day 2 of Free Fire Pro Series Snapdragon Conquest's final week is over. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Pro Series Week 3 Day 2, including overall standings, MVPs, and more.

1 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 3 Day 2: Overall standings

Top half

Team Elite has an amazing day, topping the chart with 45 kills and 79 points and claimed the third spot. This pushes TSG to 4th. Desi Gamers is coming back strong with 78 points, however, they only managed to rise to #9, over 20 points short of directly advancing. Blind Esports and 4 Unknown are going steady as ever, with the same lead over the rest of the teams.

The rest of the top 6 remains the same - in fact, they are actually leaving the rest of the teams behind, with LVL Iconic having 18 more points than the #7 spot. There is only one day left. It is uncertain if PVS gaming or Evil Army could surpass that lead unless one of the top teams screwed up hard in the final day.

top 12 teams
Overall points standings: top 12 teams

Bottom half

Fan-favorite Total Gaming had a bad day, scoring only 19 points. They dropped to 16th... however, the chance for them to get eliminated is super low, with a 50 points difference to the #19 team. The #7 to #18 would have another chance in the play-ins round... while the bottom 6 are eliminated.

Not much changed amongst the bottom 6 of the tournament. While they are named teams that have participated in recent tournaments, the roster of FFPS is just too high-level.

bottom 12 teams
Overall points standings: bottom 12 teams

2 - Free Fire Pro Series Week 3 Day 2 recap

  • The first match between group B and D was claimed by PVS Gaming, with a respectable 12 kills. Ecoeco took 5 kills and become the MVP. Desi Gamer took 2nd place, with Shonty scoring 4 kills.
  • In the second match of group A and C, 4 Unknown came out on top with 11 kills. With the high ground advantage, they managed to eliminate both Evil Army and Enigma Gaming in the final circle. Radhe became MVP of the match with 7 frags.
  • The third match was won by team Elite with 9 kills - Killer became the MVP for his contribution. Desi Gamers was the runner up with 8 kills.
  • Koushik's grenade at the right moment helped Chemin Esports win the 4th match. Head Hunters and TSM came second and third with 8 and 6 kills respectively.
  • Nemesis won the fifth match with seven kills, 2 lower than Enigma Gaming who finished second.
  • The final match of the day was claimed by D Esports with eight frags. They eliminated LVL Iconic in the last circle, who took 12 frags.

3 - MVPs of Free Fire Pro Series Week 3 Day 2

Below is the perfect team of FFPS week 3 day 2, with the best member in the roles.

  • PVS Gaming Loverboy
  • Enigma Chillu
  • 4 Unknown Radhe Thakur
  • Desi Gamers Insane
MVP lineup
MVP lineup of week 3 day 2

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