Garena has been adding 2 new characters into Free Fire every big OB, and OB30 is not an exception to this rule. While the characters added are usually based around collaborations, original Free Fire characters like Xayne or Shirou still get made... and this patch we are going to get two of them: Otho and Leon. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Otho in Free Fire.

Otho seems to use his left hand to activate his ability.

1 - Otho's backstory & design


As Otho is not based on any real-life character that we know of, his backstory is rather barebones. He is actually one of the new characters added in the Free Fire E-comics recently. In Free Fire lore, Otho is a memory tech engineer at the polytech university. This is probably related to his special ability, Memory Mist.


Otho dressed in a black and white set of sportswear, with his arms and shoes covered in patterns of red and green. He also wears his hair in a ponytail. Overall, the design of Otho in Free Fire is pretty decent, but not nearly as flashy as the usual Free Fire collab character.

Otho in Free Fire
This is probably a part of Otho's Memory Tech ability, revealing the memory of a character as a hologram.

2 - Otho's ability in Free Fire

Ability: Memory Mist (Passive)

Otho's ability is yet another "scan" type of skill. It reveals the locations of other enemies within a certain distance. As you level Otho's skill up, Memory Mist's area of effects increases. Based on his backstory, this is likely an application of the "memory tech", with Otho gaining the short-term memory of his target, who knows the location of their teammates. Below are the details of Memory Mist's levels:

  • Level-1: 25m
  • Level-2: 30m
  • Level-3: 35m
  • Level-4: 40m
  • Level-5: 45m
  • Level-6: 50m

Overall, Otho's skill is identical to the mystery character in OB30 Advance server - it looks like Garena did not see the need to buff or nerf it. As 50 meters is a fairly small area for solo mode, this ability is probably designed for squad battles... in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale. Knowing the locations of opponents allows your team to plan around it and get the upper hand. The information gained by this skill is also shared with teammates.

Otho character in Free Fire is going to be revolutionary in Squad based modes.

The weakness of Memory Mist is that the reveal duration of the ability is fairly short. Therefore, players have to pay attention to the minimap when it happens - check the map if your team gets a kill.

3 - Skill combo for Otho in Free Fire

With Otho's ability being a passive skill, you can combine it with pretty much all skills in the game. However, to make use of Otho's short scanning period, you need to be close to the target. Memory Mist can be considered an alternate version of Clu's Skill that does not take your active slot. Overall, there are 2 types of combos to use with Otho: medium range assaulter or close range rusher.

Rusher combo with Otho

With this combo, you usually go in close and personal with either SMG or shotguns and try to do as much damage as you can. Change targets when Otho's ability trigger. The best characters to combo with Otho with this kind of playstyle are Hayato, Shirou, Kelly and Jota. Their skills are excellent in close-range fights, especially Jota, after the big boost in OB29.

Assaulter combo with Otho

Otho character in Free Fire would be a game changer in 4 vs 4 battle. As an assaulter, the moment you take down an enemy, your team would get some information to rush in. Just don't pick Otho's ability alongside Clu's to avoid overlapping. The best ability to use with assaulter Otho is Dasha, Jai, Thiva, Hayato.

Enemies get revealed on the minimap.

5 - Best weapon combo for Otho

Otho's ability is fairly versatile and can be used with most close to mid range weapon. Just avoid using his skill in a long range sniper build, as you won't be able to make use of the info revealed that way.

In general, for rushing builds, the best weapon to combo with Otho is still the MP40 and Vector Akimbo, the deadliest SMGs in Free Fire. For mid range builds, any assault rifle or DMR would suffice.

6 - How good is Otho in Clash Squad and Solo modes?

Overall, Otho's Memory Mist is fairly useful in Clash Squad mode, where people often stack closely together. Upon a kill, you should be able to reveal all enemies around the target location for a brief time, allowing your team to come in.

People rarely clumped up together in solo mode, unless they are fighting. Because of this, Otho's ability won't have much use.

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