The OB31 update has arrived with many huge updates such as new characters, a new SMG, weapons balancing, and more. The Rank system in Free Fire also gets a big change as they add a new Master rank. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Free Fire new Master Rank.

What is Master rank in Free Fire?

The Master rank is a new rank tier added into Free Fire in the OB31 update. The new Master rank lies between Heroic rank and Grandmaster rank. The dev said that this addition will reduce the skill gap among players in matchmaking since players' skills have been improving a lot.

Now, players must reach Master rank before they can compete in the highest level tier in Free Fire. Players will obtain the Master rank tier when they reach 6000 rank points in Ranked mode.

Master Rank Free Fire
Free Fire added a new Master rank between Heroic rank and Grandmaster rank.

Upon reaching Master rank, players will receive 200 Character Memory fragments. When the season ends, players can receive 7000 Gold and 875 ranks tokens if they manage to stay in the Master rank.

How to reach Master rank in Free Fire

Essentially, this change won't affect how you play the game too much. In fact, your ranked matches at the Heroic tier should be easier now since you will meet more players who are at your skill level rather than players from the Grandmaster rank tier.

Aim For The Upper Body
The new Master rank should not affect your gameplay at all.

Here are a few tips you can use to reach Master rank in Free Fire quickly.

  • Play with the same squad regularly to improve your coordination.
  • Priority surviving over getting more kills.
  • Working on your own personal skill in the game.

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