After a long time of waiting, the Free Fire OB31 update is now available for download. Players can now go get it and avail it on their devices. However, you will not be able to join the game till the conclusion of the maintenance break.

Meanwhile, several new features have been introduced in the newest version of Free Fire, including a new SMG and more gameplay adjustments. Among all of those new things, these are the 5 best features in Free Fire OB31 update.

Free Fire Advance Server Download Ob31
What are the best features that Free Fire OB31 is offering its players?

1. Clash Squad adjustments

The devs have made some adjustments to the game’s Clash Squad mode, improving the general gameplay experience for gamers. The user can now request more than just one item compared to earlier.

Moreover, spawn locations at the Mill and Academy have been changed. Users also do not have to carry extra grenades to the next ground any longer.

Clash Squad Adjustments
There are several adjustments to Clash Squad mode in the game.

2. Weapon balancing

Guns are essential in Free Fire and the devs try to balance them regularly in order for users to experience good gunplay. The below firearms have been adjusted and it’s also one of the best features in Free Fire OB31 update regarding weapon changes:

  • SCAR
  • M60
  • UMP
  • XM8
  • MP5-X
  • Kar98K
  • Groza
M60 Viper Gangster Weapon Royale
Another feature is applying weapon swap time.

The effective range of MP5, UMP, MAG-7, UZI, and Thompson has been reduced. Besides, the weapon swap time is applied depending on the gun’s time.

3. New rank

A new rank titled Master will be an addition to Free Fire’s ranked modes, providing players with a breeze of fresh air. The rank will be available between the Grandmaster and Heroic, narrowing the gap between these two ranks. Consequently, Free Fire players will get a new purpose to strive for.

New Rank Master Free Fire
The new Master rank will be between Heroic and Grandmaster, decreasing the large gap between them.

4. New weapon

Since the past Free Fire updates, new guns have constantly been added to the game. For the latest OB31 version, an SMG called MAC10 with a built-in silencer ventured into the title.

The patch notes about the new weapon are as below,

“MAC10 will be the new SMG we’re introducing into this patch. With its pre-attached silencer, the MAC10 can easily pierce through enemies who wear heavy armor.”

Mac10 Free Fire
Free Fire players are thrilled with the latest weapon addition, MAC-10 gun.

5. Character balancing

The skills of different characters have been altered and significantly change the gameplay. The options of Free Fire characters will definitely be affected by several reworks and buffs in OB31 update.

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