Free Fire beginners often have difficulty in controlling the gun recoil and locking the aim. It's very important to aim accurately in this shooting game because good aiming skills let you shoot the enemies down quickly with accurate headshots. Here are the top 5 tips to aim better for Free Fire beginners.

#1. Master Drag Rotation

Drag rotation is a basic skill for higher accuracy in aiming and shooting. But it's hard to master this skill, especially for beginners. But you should try to improve this skill because it's useful for both long and short-range combat.

To master drag rotation and aim better, Free Fire beginners should have a proper sensitivity setting and build muscle memory for their hands. Then, try to drag the aim quickly to land an accurate headshot while rotating and moving. To do this, you need to maintain the crosshair at the head level of enemies and keep it stable while moving.

Rotation Drag
Master rotation drag and improve the accuracy.

#2. Loot Scopes For ADS & Select The Right Scope

ADS helps Free Fire beginners aim better and shoot more accurately with the help of scopes. The magnification of scopes lets you see the target more clearly. So, you can aim at the enemy's head more accurately.

But not all weapons have attachment slots for scope, such as shotguns. So, you need to master hip-firing skills when using shotguns in close combat or avoid using those weapons. When using ARs, SMG, SRs, and other weapon categories, you should use the proper scopes.

Use Ads For Better Aiming
Use ADS for better aiming.

#3. Aim For The Upper Body

The gun recoil often makes the barrel choke up to the sky, especially ARs and weapons with high gun recoil. So, you should aim for the upper body of the target. It guarantees that you won't miss that shot. The bullets will reach the chest or head of the target.

This technique is very useful for beginners to learn the gun recoil of all weapons in this game. Then, you will know which is the best crosshair level to make more headshots. It's one of the top pro tips to aim better.

Aim For The Upper Body
Aim for the upper body.

#4. Get A High Ground

Getting a high ground gives you a large view and a clear shooting angle to aim and shoot players on the low ground. Besides, you should crouch or lie on the high ground to make it harder for enemies to spot you. But you can still use the TPP view to spot and locate enemies.

Besides, the scope will help you see the target clearly. You can stand on the balcony or mountain top near the edge of the white circle to practice aiming and shooting. Then, fall back to the cover and wait for another target.

#5. Select Suitable Character Skills

There are some Free Fire characters with an accuracy boost that helps you aim better, such as Dasha and Laura. Dasha's Partying On skill helps reduce the gun recoil to maintain high accuracy, even when you use ARs.

Besides, the Sharp Shooter ability of Laura boosts the accuracy of players at any range of fights when using ADS. You can use these characters or equip their abilities to the character you play. It's one of the best tips to aim better.

Use Dashas Skill For Higher Accuracy
Use Dasha's skill for higher accuracy.

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