Garena Free Fire is getting a second collab with the Netflix show Money Heist. However, instead of getting the same thing as last year, we are actually getting new events. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the upcoming Free Fire x Money Heist Raid and Run collaboration.

Free Fire Final Episode
Free Fire Final Episode Raid And Run Event

1. Free Fire x Money Heist Final Episode: Raid and Run

The event will feature new missions, engagement activities across social media, and collaborative themed items. It is going to be released on December 3, alongside the new OB31 patch. Players will be able to join forces with the infamous Professor to embark on one final heist and retrieve the gold.

Money Heist 2.0's Raid and Run Game mode would be much different from the previous "money printing mode" in the collab last year. Players need to join the event, collect the gold through matches, then invest it for the rewards.

The most valuable prize amongst the rewards is probably the new Plan Bermuda female bundle. It looks super sexy, complete with a clown mask as part of the heist crew.

Free Fire x Money Heist Raid and Run
Free Fire x Money Heist Raid and Run: melt the gold and grab the special rewards.

The Final Episode: Raid and Run will also feature an in-game reskin, a new interface, and web events. Players can check the leaked Free Fire x Money Heist 2.0 event calendar to find out the exact date.

2. New Money Heist Raid and Run limited gun skins

Three new Money Heist themed items are going to be part of this event:

  • Woodpecker Red Robster: a new black and red skin for the Woodpecker.

The woodpecker is already a strong weapon. The bonuses from this skill should boost it even further into the next level.

  • Vector Red Robster: a new gold, black and red skin for the Vector, with the iconic Money Heist mask on its body.

This skin might solve the low ammunition size of the Vector and make it more dangerous in combat.

  • Gloo Wall Gold Vault: one of the best gloo wall skins released this year.

The wall turns into a door vault. This is probably one of the best gloo wall skin ever released to date.

new skins
New skins in Free Fire Money Heist event

3. Best rewards of Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration

  • Red Robster Bundle: Players will be rewarded with the bundle after they have collected 150 tons. It is one of the best female bundle ever released in the game.
  • Crimson Criminal Bundle: Introduced in Free Fire via a Faded Wheel - it is the male version of the Red Robster Bundle.
  • Money Throw emote: Upon activation, the character performs a special action of throwing bags of money into the ground.

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