A lot of Free Fire players haven't reached the Grandmaster tier because they are still making these mistakes. Stop making these mistakes to reach Free Fire Grandmaster soon.

#1. Use Wrong Weapon Combos

Using the wrong weapon combinations is a common mistake that makes you fail to reach high tiers in Garena Free Fire. Each weapon in your weapon combo has unique stats and features, such as damage, range of fire, rate of fire, etc. So, they will have different uses. Free Fire has different weapon categories for different ranges of fire and gameplay.

Choose The Best Weapon
Have at least one automatic gun.

You need to select the right Free Fire weapon combo for your squad role and gameplay. Here are some tips to select the best weapon combination for pushing rank in the BR mode:

  • Have at least one automatic gun with a high firing rate for backup.
  • Use M1887 is the best choice for fraggers in a squad.
  • Pick up an AWM that is the best SR for sniper players or supporters in a team.
  • Don't use two weapons with low firing rates, such as two snipers.

In addition, you should choose the best guns of each category and try to master them.

Weapon Combo
The wrong gun combo makes you lose more matches.

#2. Play Without Strategy

A lot of Free Fire players are still playing without a clear tactic and strategy. When you want to rush enemies, you need to think twice and have a backup plan to make sure that you won't die soon.

Pro players often plan every move and action during the BR match, including the drop location, routes to the safe zone, the gun combos, and utilities to loot and use, etc. Avoid risky situations to survive and get a top position to get plus rank points.

Plan Every Action
Plan every action and move.

#3. Use Poor Skill Combos

Another common mistake making players fail to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire is using poor skill combos, especially when enemies have a better skill combo. To have a perfect synergy, you need to combine the most important feature for a character in the BR mode, including mobility, accuracy, and healing skills.

DJ Alok is one of the best characters for BR mode. So, you should equip his skill for your character and make him stronger. Don't combine poor skills.

Combine Proper Skills
Combine proper skills based on your role and gameplay.

#4. Not Use The Early Phase

The early phase of the match is very important to loot and get ready for the match. But a lot of players do not utilize this phase to get well-prepared for combat in later phases. It's a stupid mistake that prevents you from ranking up and reaching high tiers.

Don't engage too early or just roam around without looting. If you don't have enough weapons, ammunition, and supplies, you may lose the fight and die soon.

Dont Waste Early Phase Of The Match
Don't waste the early phase of the match.

#5. Play With Random Teammates

The deadlines mistake that makes you get minus points in the ranked match is playing with random teammates. You may team up with toxic players when using random matching. Then, your team cannot cooperate well to win in squad or duo modes. It's better to play solo if you don't have a permanent team.

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