Garena is known for releasing a lot of new events for players to join and get new skins. One of those events is the Faded Wheel. The Faded Wheel is part of the Luck Royale in Free Fire. It doesn't always appear and often only lasts for 7 days. However, the rewards in the Faded Wheel are very exclusive, and you are always guaranteed to get it.

In the latest Free Fire Faded Wheel, they feature 2 Grand Prizes, the Wavebreaker Kaze AWM, and the Stormbound Mizu Bundle.

Free Fire Faded Wheel
Free Fire latest Faded Wheel features 2 Grand Prizes for players to grab.

Free Fire Wavebreaker Kaze AWM Faded Wheel

Event duration: November 10 to December 6

When you first enter the Wavebreaker Kaze AWM Faded Wheel, you can remove 2 unwanted prizes from the pool so you can get the prize you want faster. There is a total of 10 prizes with 2 Grand Prizes among them.

Stormbound Mizu Bundle
Free Fire Stormbound Mizu Bundle is one of the Grand Prize in the Faded Wheel.

Here is the list of prizes in the Wavebreaker Kaze AWM Faded Wheel:

  • Wavebreaker Kaze AWM skin
  • Stormbound Mizu Bundle
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Sea Breeze Trooper (Top)
  • Sea Breeze Trooper (Bottom)
  • Waterworks Trooper (Top)
  • Sea Waterworks Trooper (Bottom)
  • Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
  • M1917 Wavebreaker Kaze
  • Cube Fragment
Wavebreaker Kaza Awm
Free Fire Wavebreaker Kaze AWM skin is a strong skin with a Rate of Fire buff and an Armor Penetration buff.

The prize you get will be removed from the pool so you wouldn't find duplicated items. You are guaranteed to get all the prizes after 8 spins. Each spin in the Faded Wheel will be more costly than the previous one, starting from 9 Diamonds. The Diamond costs of the spins are 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499 respectively.

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