Most Free Fire beginners prefer the passive gameplay and they often camp behind their cover. But you can stop camping now because you can push rank faster with these Free Fire tips and tricks for aggressive gameplay for beginners. Check out how to push rank fast without camping in this game here.

#1. Pay Attention To The Surrounding Area

You always need to pay attention to the surrounding area to spot enemies first. If you can spot enemies before they see you. Besides, you need to know the location of enemies to avoid exposing yourself to them and becoming an easy target.

In addition, the player who spots enemies first can fire earlier to have more chance to win close combat. Check house corners, behind rocks, trees, and walls to make sure that you are not aimed or camped. Don't run ahead without checking the surroundings.

Pay Attention To The Surrounding Area
Pay attention to the surrounding area.

#2. Keep Looting & Moving

Don't stand still when you are playing actively and aggressively. After landing and looting all useful and decent supplies in your landing spot, you need to move to a new place as quickly as possible. You shouldn't land in a crowded place because you may encounter many real players.

If you stay and camp in one location, you won't have enough supplies, weapons, and ammunition. Moreover, you can be rushed by enemies from surrounding regions. Besides, you should keep moving to enter the next zone gradually before it's too late.

Keep Moving And Looting
Keep moving and looting

#3. Master Gloo Wall For Defense

The most basic and simple use of Gloo Wall in Free Fire is for defending. You need to master this Free Fire utility to stay safe and alive in close combat and panic situations. When you suddenly encounter enemies in an unexpected situation, make a Gloo Wall quickly to have a solid shield for defending.

Loot and keep some Gloo Wall grenades to protect yourself from gunfights. Gloo Wall also has many other uses that can help you survive longer and get a top position in the rank match.

Use Gloo Walls To Defend
Use Gloo Walls to defend and survive.

#4. Occupy A High Place Inside Safe Zone

When the playing zone shrinks, you should have a high place. When you are staying in a high place, you have a larger view over the surrounding area to spot enemies, aim, and snipe them. Besides, if you are in a high and secret location, other players cannot spot you if you are lying on the ground.

But you can still see other players from the perspective of the third person. It's one of the best Free Fire tips and tricks for beginners to play actively. You can also improve your sniping skills.

Occupy A High Place To Snipe And Spot Enemies
Occupy a high place to snipe and spot enemies.

#5. Be Active But Conscious

You should be conscious and active during the match. Don't play too aggressively or you may fall into an ambush and die. Be careful when rushing. If you underestimate enemies and rush unconsciously, you may become an easy target for campers to kill.

Take things carefully and attack if you have the advantage. If you don't have the chance to attack, you should stay extra careful.

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