Getting strong weapons skin in Free Fire will do you a lot of favor. Weapon skins can provide a big stats boost for your weapons and thus, you will be at a disadvantage if you don't own one. Luckily, Garena releases new events in Free Fire frequently so players can have more chances to get Legendary skins.

In the latest Free Fire Rate Up event, players can have a 10x chance to get a Legendary weapon skin. If you are tired of keep missing the Grand Prize in many Free Fire events then here is your chance to get it. Check out the details of this event below.

Free Fire Rate Up event

Event duration: November 25 to December 1

The Free Fire Rate Up event is a lucky spin event with weapon skins as prizes. There is a total of 10 Legendary weapon skins as Grand Prizes. You can choose a Grand Prize among them to increase the chance of winning it by 10 times. You are free to change your chosen Grand Prize anytime during the event.

Free Fire Rate Up Event
Choose a Grand Prize in the event and it will have a 10x rate for you to get it.

When you have obtained the Grand Prize with the increased rate, you can keep choosing other Grand Prizes to give them the 10x rate and spin more. Grand Prizes you already owned will be removed from the pool.

You can draw one time for 25 Diamonds or 11 times for 250 Diamonds.

Here is the list of all 10 prizes in the event:

  • MP40 Mechanical
  • M1014 Underground Howl
  • AK Flaming Dragon
  • AUG Cyber Bounty
  • M4A1 Scorching Sand
  • SCAR Cupid
  • Thompson Time Traveler
  • MP5 Mr. Nutcracker
  • UMP Catalysm
  • SKS Hysteria

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