Free Fire releases new events and skins for players very frequently to keep the game fresh. One of the ways for players to get legendary outfits in Free Fire is the Diamond Royale. The Diamonds Royale is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale. It features a new legendary bundle as the Grand Prize every 20 days or so.

In the latest Diamond Royale, we have the Doctor Scarlette Bundle as the new Grand Prize. Let's go and check out this new Free Fire Diamond Royale.

Free Fire Doctor Scarlette Diamond Royale

Event duration: November 25 to December 13

The Doctor Scarlette bundle includes a total of 5 parts:

  • Doctor Scarlette (Top)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Bottom)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Shoes)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Head)
  • Doctor Scarlette (Mask)

The new Free Fire Diamond Royale features the female Doctor Scarlette bundle. The bundle is a pair with the Doctor Red bundle. Both bundles have the same Blood Teddy bear animation. The set has the same combination of white and red clothes pieces. It gives out a kind of creepy vibe that you get from horror games.

Doctor Scarlette and Doctor Red are definitely among must-have Free Fire bundles in 2021 before the year ends.

Doctor Scarlette Diamond Royale
The Doctor Scarlette is the female version of the Doctor Red bundle in the previous Diamonds Royale.

Players need to use Diamond or Diamond Royale Voucher in order to spin the Diamond Royale. There are 2 spinning options. You can choose to spin once for 60 Diamonds or spin 10 times for 600 Diamonds. Each time you don't spin on the Grand Prize in the Diamond Royale, your Luck Quotient will increase by 1, raising your chance of getting the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Other than the Doctor Scarlette bundle, there are many other prizes in the Diamonds Royale such as Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, Meolithick bundle, Paleolithic bundle,...

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