Free Fire is known for releasing new skins and bundles frequently. The Diamond Royale is one of the places where players can get the latest bundles for their characters.

Every month a new item will be added to the Diamond Royale as the Grand Prize, replacing the previous Diamond Royale. This time, the DiamondRoyale brings players a new Doctor Red bundle. Let's check out Free Fire new Diamonds Royale now

Free Fire New Diamonds Royale
The new Free Fire Diamonds Royale features the Doctor Red bundle as the Grand Prize.

Free Fire Doctor Red Diamond Royale

The Doctor Red Diamond Royale lasts from November 6 to November 25.

The Doctor Red bundle includes 5 parts:

  • Doctor Red (Top)
  • Doctor Red (Bottom)
  • Doctor Red (Shoes)
  • Doctor Red (Head)
  • Doctor Red (Mask)

The Doctor Red bundle has to be one of the most well-designed bundles in Free Fire. It has a really cool appearing animation with a Blood Teddy bear. The most standing out part of the bundle is the white coat with red patterns and the red blood pack with the shape of a teddy bear.

To get the Doctor Red bundle, players need to use Diamonds or Diamond Royale Vouchers to spin the Diamond Royale. There are 2 spin options: spin one time for 60 Diamonds or spin 11 times for 600 Diamonds. Each time you don't spin on the Grand Prize in the Diamond Royale, your Luck Quotient will increase by 1, raising your chance of getting the Grand Prize in the next spin.

Free Fire Doctor Red Bundle
The new Doctor Red Bundle has a strong psychopath vibe.

Other than the Doctor Red bundle, there are many other prizes in the Diamonds Royale such as Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, Meolithick bundle, Paleolithic bundle,...

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