Choosing the right weapons for yourself in Free Fire is a very important task. Each weapon in Free Fire has its own strengths and weaknesses for different situations.

In a combat situation, players are encouraged to hit headshots since these shots can deal huge damage to the enemy. However, it is not easy to land headshots constantly unless you are a pro player. Some weapons in Free Fire can help you land a headshot easier than others and even take down the enemy with only 1 shot.

In this article, we will show you the top 3 best guns for headshots in Free Fire.

1. SVD

The SVD is the best Marksman Rifle in Free Fire with huge damage, range, and accuracy. Also, since it is a Marksman Rifle, you can make several shots continuously, unlike Sniper Rifles, making it easier to hit the enemy. Only 1 shot in the head with the SVD is enough to take down an Lv3 Helmet player.

The weapon also has high Armor Penetration stat so you don't necessarily aim for the head.  This weapon can hit pretty hard on the body even if the target has a high-tier best. All it takes is a few shots at most to take down an enemy.

However, the SVD is only available in airdrop so it is rare for players to find this weapon in every match.

Svd Free Fire
The SVD is the strongest Marksman Rifle in Free Fire.

2. Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is another strong weapon for headshots in Free Fire. It has high damage and armor penetration so every hit on the enemy will be devastating.

Overall, it has quite the same power level as the SVD but it is easy to find in a match. The weapon has one minor flaw, which is its rather short range (63). However, it won't affect much unless you are fighting an enemy from really far away. Also, you can get attachments to improve its effective range.

The Woodpecker is the favorite weapon for many players because of its power and availability.

The Woodpecker can deal serious damage to the enemy even if they have high tier armor.

3. M82B

The M82B has always been the best Sniper Rifle and one of the best weapons for headshots in Free Fire due to its unique ability to shoot through Gloo Wall and deal additional damage to vehicles. Its huge damage can take down any players, regardless of what they have. You can combine this weapon with Moco's ability so you can tell the exact position of the enemy behind Gloo Walls.

This weapon is the reason why pro players have the habit of always putting 2 Gloo Walls down at the same time. That alone shows how powerful this weapon is. The M82B is rather rare to find though, which is a little bit downside. It has a smaller spawn rate than the Kar98.

M82b Free Fire
The M82B is the only weapon in Free Fire that can penetrate Gloo Wall.

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