Free Fire shotguns are the best weapon for close combat. You should master this range of fights to win every close combat, especially the last zone combat. Here are the best tips to master Free Fire shotguns and close combat that you must know.

#1. Use M1887 For Fast Kill

M887 is the best shotgun for close combat in Free Fire. It has high ammo penetration to guarantee enough damage to take down the target in one accurate shot only. You should learn to drag headshot to increase the chance of winning in close combat with this shotgun.

M1887 For Fast Kills
Use M1887 for fast kills.

#2. Use Gloo Wall To Approach Enemies

One of the best tips with Gloo Wall is putting it in front of your character while rushing enemies in close-range combat. Get close enough to take him down with the shotgun. When the enemy responds and fires back, place the Gloo Wall in front of you to defend. It's a trick to reach the Heroic tier soon in this game.

Use Gloo Wall
Always use Gloo Wall to defend.

#3. Peek Out To Shoot

In a TPP shooting game like Free Fire, players have a wider angle of view than in FPP games. You can look around and spot enemies from corners. After locating the enemies in the open ground, you should out from your cover to shoot them down. It's safer to peek out from your right side. It makes you expose less.

#4. Throw Frag Grenades When Rushing

Before rushing opponents, you should throw 1-2 frag grenades. It helps you pick the target out of their camping spot. Besides, frag grenades also cause damage to the opponent if you throw them accurately. Only use frag grenades when the target is moving.

Throw Grenades
Throw grenades before rushing enemies.

#5. Shoot While Moving

Keep shooting while approaching the opponent to cause damage to him and prevent him from peeking out to shoot you down if he is camping behind the corner. In this situation, use an AR to spam bullets and pre-fire. Then, switch to the shotgun when you catch him. You need to master Free Fire shotguns to do this trick.

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