Heroic is one of the highest tiers in Garena Free Fire that most players want to reach. But it's often difficult for beginners to get this tier quickly because of the lack of experience and skill. But you can use some tips and tricks to accelerate the process. Check out the best tips for Free Fire rookies to reach Heroic in November 2021.

#1. Focus On Survival Points

If you are a beginner in this game, don't play too aggressively. If you die soon, you will get minus points. You should focus on survival to get plus points. Even when you don't get high kill points after each match, you can play more and stack survival points by finishing in the top 10 of Free Fire rank mode to rank up and reach the Heroic tier.

Focus On Survival
Focus on survival and you can climb up to Heroic in Free Fire gradually.

#2. Choose Aggressive Characters

Free Fire characters have different abilities for passive or aggressive gameplay. Choosing aggressive characters helps you secure the maximum number of kills to get more rank points. But you need to spend time practicing and trying to master their skills. Chrono and DJ Alok are the best characters for aggressive but safe gameplay for pushing rank in Free Fire.

Chrono Aggressive
Chrono is the best character for beginners.

#3. Land Fast To Loot

To play safely and survive in the early stages of the rank match, you should loot weapons and armor right after landing on the battleground. Try to land faster than enemies if you spot other players landing in the same location. Don't open the parachute early because it makes you land slowlier. You can use the pet Falcon to increase the landing speed of your character.

After landing on the ground, loot the nearest weapon and military vest and helmet to defend when needed. Then, go to loot your favorite weapons and supplies to survive and get ready for any fight. Gears are very important to play safely in Free Fire rank mode.

Try To Land Fast
Try to land fast and loot quickly.

#4. Team Up With Experienced Teammates

Beginners can ask experienced for help and learn skills and tips from them. Therefore, you should team up with experienced friends in this game. If your friends also play this game and they are skilled, you can ask for a position in their team. Ask them for assistance to rank up and reach Heroic in Free Fire right in this month.

Teamwork In Free Fire
Match with skilled players. in Free Fire

#5. Master Close Combat

Close combat skills are very important in rank matches because you engage in close fights more than long-range combat. Practice in Clash Squad before entering the rank mode. Use shotguns to win close fights. Learn to master M1887 because it's the best gun for the fastest kills in Free Fire 2021. Then, learn to drag a headshot with this shotgun.

Master Shotguns
Master shotguns for fast kills.

#6. Understand The Map

Another tip for rookies to reach Heroic in Free Fire 2021 is understanding the map. It's very important in rank mode. You need to choose the best place to camp, check, aim, and snipe. It should be a high and hidden place where enemies cannot rush you easily. Besides, you can draw the best route to the safe zone when you understand all terrains on the map.

It's not been late for beginners in Free Fire to start pushing ranks and reach Heroic this month.

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