Free Fire characters are divided into two types, including passive and active. Unlike active skills, passive Free Fire skills are unlocked automatically when you meet some requirements. Here are the best passive character abilities in Free Fire that you should use.

#1. Dead Silent

Dead Silent is the most-used passive ability in Free Fire. It's the talent of Rafael - a legendary character in this game. It reduces the noise of the weapon when this character uses marksman rifles and sniper rifles. It also makes the target lose HP faster than normal by 20% when he gets hit.

Dead Silent
Dead Silent of Rafael reduces the SR noise.

#2. Bullet Beats

The Bullet Beats ability of the new character D-bee is the best passive ability for fraggers in Free Fire. It helps increase the movement speed and accuracy when you are firing. Then, you have more chances to do a clutch in a 1v4 situation. You need to upgrade his ability to make him more powerful and useful.

D Bee Free Fire
Bullet Beats ability of the new character D-bee.

#3. Damage Delivered

Damage Delivered skill of Shirou is one of the best passive Free Fire character abilities to use in November 2021. It's useful for aggressive players in the solo mode or fraggers in the squad mode.

When you hit an enemy within 80 meters, the armor penetration of the first shot increases by 50%. Besides, the latter shots are marked for 6 seconds but only the user can see the mark.

Shirou Free Fire
Damage Delivered skill of Shirou.

#4. Healing Song

Healing Song is the ability of the character Kapella, who is often underrated. But this passive ability is really useful, especially for defensive players and survival in the last zone of Free Fire rank matches. It increases the healing skills and items. Moreover, it's very useful for supporters in this game because it reduces the HP loss of knocked-down teammates by 20%.

Healing Song
Healing Song is the ability of the character Kapella.

#5. Partying On

You should also equip the passive talent Partying On of Dasha when playing in the rank mode to secure plus points. It lets you jump down from high places more safely with lower damage taken from falls. Besides, the recoil build-up and maximum recoil of your gun are also reduced.

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