It's Diwali today and Free Fire decided to surprise players with a new event called Happy Diwali Luck Royale Flash Sale. This event only lasts for 1 day on November 4. During the event, the spinning cost of all Luck Royale (except for the Faded Wheel and the Gold Royale) in Free Fire will reduce to 10 Diamonds.

Here are the Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator you can get with this discount.

Dragon Spy Diamond Royale

You will be able to get the Dragon Spy female bundle from Diamond Royale during this discount. The bundle combines the style of both the East and the West with a blue traditional Chinese women's dress and a leather jacket.

The cost for each spin is 10 Diamonds. You can also spend 100 Diamonds to spin 11 times.

Dragon Spy Bundle
Free Fire Dragon Spy Diamond Royale

PARAFAL Crimson Heir Weapon Royale

For the Weapon Royale, you can get the PARAFAL Crimson Heir skin. The skin provides the weapon 2 Accuracy buff, 1 Damage buff while reducing its Reloading Speed. It's not the best PARAFAL skin in Free Fire but is quite decent.

You can spin the Weapon Royale 1 time for 10 Diamonds or 11 times for 100 Diamonds.

Free Fire New Weapon Royale
Free Fire PARAFAL Crimson Heir Weapon Royale

AN94 Supercharger Incubator

The current Incubator features 4 legendary AN94 Superchargers skins. In the Incubator, you need to spin for Blueprints and Evolution Stone and then exchange them for skins.

Here is the list of the skins and their prices:

  • AN94 Wildefire Bolt - 3 Evolution Stone Token + 1 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Twilight Bolt - 2 Evolution Stone Token + 5 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Tsunami Bolt - 2 Evolution Stone Token + 4 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns
  • AN94 Tornado Bolt - 1 Evolution Stone Token + 3 Blueprint: Supercharger Guns

The price of each spin in the Incubator is 10 Diamonds. You can also spin 5 times for 45 Diamonds. These skins are really powerful so you should definitely take your chance in this Happy Diwali Luck Royale Flash Sale.

Free Fire An94 Supercharger
Free Fire AN94 Supercharger Incubator

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