Free Fire has a huge collection of weapons of all kinds. Among them, the FAMAS is quite a unique weapon compared to others in the Assault Rifle category. Players either love using it or hate it and never pick it up at all. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the FAMAS gun in Free Fire.

1. FAMAS gun in real life

FAMAS stands for Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne, meaning Assault Rifle from the Saint-Étienne Weapon Factory. It is an assault rifle made in France in 1987. The weapon has a distinct shape and a fast rate of fire of 1,100 RPM.

The FAMAS assault rifle has a bullpup configuration, which means the trigger is in front of the magazine. The weapon has 3 firing modes: single shot, three-shot bursts, or fully automatic.

Famas In Real Life
The FAMAS gun in real life has full-auto mode.

2. FAMAS gun in Free Fire overview

Here are the official stats of the FAMAS gun in Free Fire:

  • Damage: 54
  • Rate of fire: 72
  • Range: 70
  • Reload speed: 48
  • Magazine: 30
  • Accuracy: 47
  • Movement speed: 62
  • Armor Penetration: 0

The FAMAS is the assault rifle with the fastest rate of fire (72), which is comparable to that of SMGs. The weapon also has good damage and range.

Though the FAMAS is really powerful stats-wise, it has one big flaw when having no full-auto fire mode. This gun in Free Fire only has single fire mode and burst fire mode. If you hold down the fire button, the weapon will only shoot 3 times.

Famas Gun In Free Fire
The official stats of the FAMAS gun in Free Fire

To shoot continuously, players must release the fire button and press it again, which is very counter-intuitive and inconvenient for many players. Other than that, the Free Fire FAMAS has overall good stats for an Assault Rifle and can be used for many situations.

The FAMAS can equip all kinds of attachments to improve its performance in combats, including Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine, Scope, and Stock.

There is a FAMAS-X variant in Free Fire. This FAMAS variant will deal additional damage every 3 shots, which is perfect for the burst fire mode of the weapon.

3. Tips to use the FAMAS in Free Fire

Since the FAMAS gun in Free Fire doesn't have a full-auto mode, many players would prefer to stay away from this weapon. If you are not used to the burst fire mode, you might just hold the fire button during a gunfight and ended up dying because the gun stops after 3 shots. But in a hand of a skilled player, the FAMAS can be a very dangerous weapon.

Many players use it as a long-range weapon since it has good range and accuracy, plus a high rate of fire. They also combine FAMAS with characters like Laura to make the burst mode more accurate in long-range.

When using FAMAS in mid-range combats, try to aim for the head with the burst fire mode, which is super devastating for the enemies.

4. Best FAMAS skin in Free Fire

The FAMAS has been in the game for quite a long time, so it has a few very decent skins that will improve its power. Here are the top 3 best FAMAS skins in Free Fire.

FAMAS Black Widow Golden skin

  • Damage ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Reload Speed -

The FAMAS Black Widow Golden skin provides a great Damage buff and an Accuracy buff while reducing the Reload Speed of the weapon. Since the damage of the FAMAS is quite average, this is a great buff. Also, more Accuracy will help the burst mode of the weapon. This is definitely the best FAMAS skin in Free Fire.

Famas Black Widow Golden Skin
Free Fire FAMAS Black Widow Golden skin

FAMAS Teenage Dream skin

  • Damage++
  • Range +
  • Reload Speed-

The FAMAS Teenage Dream skin is almost the same as the FAMAS Black Widow Golden skin but it provides a Range buff instead of an Accuracy buff, which doesn't really affect the weapon too much. The Range of the FAMAS is already pretty good, not to mention attachments. Overall, this is still very good FAMAS skin.

Famas Teenage Dream Skin
Free Fire FAMAS Teenage Dream skin

FAMAS Vampire skin

  • Damage++
  • Magazine+
  • Range-

The FAMAS Vampire skin also has 2 Damage buffs but its Magazine buff is quite useless and also, it reduces the Range of the weapon. Compared to the 2 FAMAS skins above, the FAMAS Vampire skin is a little bit weaker. Still, it is decent skin that will make FAMAS much stronger. Plus, it has quite a good design.

Famas Vampire Skin
Free Fire FAMAS Vampire skin

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