In the OB26 update today, Garena is going to release a lot of new changes and features update. From new characters to new guns... along with various buffs and nerfs. Amongst them, the new FAMAS X variant 'Trident', is probably the most overlooked.


In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new variant of FAMAS-X Free Fire.

1 - What is FAMAS-X Free Fire?

Before OB25, Free Fire has a system of "special attachment" that would give a new ability to the weapon equipped. However, they changed that in OB25 and have the weapons spawn in "variants", with the special attachment equipped by default. This is probably to increase the chance that players would be able to use those improved guns... as previously it is really hard to have both the gun and its special attachments at the same time.

Famas X Free Fire Ff Item Ganha Atributo Tridente

The FAMAS-X is going to be a part of the "variants" system, with a piece of special equipment named "trident" attached by default when spawns. The Trident would improve the weakest part of the FAMAS - the damage of the third bullet in a burst would be increased.

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2 - How strong is the Free Fire FAMAS X?

Previously, people don't really like the FAMAS much due to its hard-to-use 3 bullet burst mode, which sometimes just lack damage. If you don't hit any headshot in a burst, the enemy would get away like 90% of the time.

Famas X Tridente Ff

With the 'trident' system equipped, however, the FAMAS-X would be much stronger damage wise. If you managed to headshot your enemy with the third bullet, they would take massive damage. The FAMAS-X would be available in Bermuda and Kalahari as a drop alongside its base version.

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