Free Fire is known for pushing new content into the game constantly for players to relax after all the crazy fighting in ranked matches. The last time, Free Fire released a Red Light Green Light mode inspired by the famous Netflix series Squid Game. Now, they are introducing a new Pet Mania mode, which is inspired by the famous Fall Guy game. In this article, we will show you how this mode works.

Free Fire Pet Mania mode

In this mode, you and other players will control a pet to go through different obstacles in order to reach the finish line.

First, you need to dodge moving fans and pans in order to reach the finish line. If you got hit, they will throw you back, sometimes off the platform and it will be game over. These obstacles don't move very fast so it shouldn't be too hard to dodge them.

Pet Mania Free Fire
Dodge the fan and the moving pan

Next, you have to jump across giant rotating surfboards that tilt constantly. You just have to watch their moving pattern carefully and time your jump. The next challenge is a corridor with platforms moving in and out. The way to overcome this is by running close to the wall.

Pet Mania Free Fire 1
Wait for the right time to jump between the surfboard
Pet Mania Free Fire 2
Stay close to the wall to have more time before the platform goes away.

This is also how you overcome the next obstacle. You have to walk through giant cylinders that rotate constantly. Between these cylinders are giant spinning fans.

Pet Mania Free Fire 3
Make sure you don't slide down to the side or hit the fan when you jump

The last obstacle is simple. It is just a platform that elevates up and down with some moving horizontal bars that you just need to jump over.

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