Garena Free Fire has many grenades for different purposes. These throwables are very useful in this battle royale game. They will help you win in many panic situations and get Booyah. Check out these tips on how to use grenades in Free Fire.

#1. Timing When Using Frag Grenades

The frag grenade has some seconds to explode after activation. Therefore, timing is very important because you need to make sure that the frag grenade explodes right after it lands at the spot of the target. Therefore, you need to cook the grenade before throwing it.

Don't throw early or the enemy can escape before the grenade explodes. The time to throw depends on the distance of the enemy. The shorter the distance is, the longer time to cook the grenade.

Cook Grenades Before Throwing
Cook grenades before throwing.

#2. Use Flashbangs To Stun Enemies

Flashbang is often underrated in Free Fire because of its short effect. But it can make the enemy deaf and blind for a while. It's very useful when you rush the enemy by surprising him. When the flashbang explodes, it makes the opponent stunned for a while. He cannot see or hear you. It's time for you to rush and attack him.

Stun Enemies With Flashbangs
Stun enemies with flashbangs.

But timing is also important to rush after throwing a stun grenade. The effect of this throwable lasts for a few seconds. If you rush after the stunning effect is over, enemies can fire back and kill you. Keep in mind that flashbangs only deafen and blind opponents. It cannot stop them from firing.

#3. Distract Enemies With Smoke Grenades

You can use smoke grenades to trap enemies and make them distracted. Throw some smoke grenades in random places to make your enemies confused about your real position. If you create a large area of smoke and stay inside it, opponents cannot see you. It makes him confused and distracted. When the opponent loses his direction, it's time for you to eliminate him.

Use Smoke To Distract Enemies
Use smoke to distract enemies.

#4. Deceive Enemies With Decoy Grenades

The decoy grenade in Garena Free Fire lets players duplicate their characters on the battleground to deceive and trap enemies. When the opponent sees the trap, he will be surprised and make mistake. You can locate the enemy by hearing his gun sound.

Use Decoy Grenades To Trap Enemies
Use decoy grenades to trap enemies.

This throwable is useful to pick out snipers who are camping insides houses, buildings, and towers. If you don't know where he is, the fake character made by decoy grenades can make them confuse, shoot, expose, or reveal their positions.

#5. Use Any Throwables When Rushing

When you rush houses but do not know the exact location of the opponent, throw any grenades in Free Fire you have to pick him out of the spot. The sound of the grenades will make any players move if it drops near him.

Master grenades and you will get Booyah more easily and safely because you don't need to expose yourself much to throw grenades. You can also kill enemies without rushing by throwing frag grenades perfectly.

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