Free Fire has introduced many new amazing bundles in November 2021 that you should try to have. Check out the top 4 beautiful Free Fire bundles that you must have before the year 2021 ends. Here's how to get these bundles now.

#1. Alpha Flameborn Bundle

A new legendary bundle named Alpha Flameborn has been given away during the Booyah Ascension event. Free Fire players can also get a set of perks with this bundle, such as an exclusive emote, the ability to change the color, or arrival animation, etc. When you change the color of the bundle, it has a different appearance. So, it feels like you have a series of many outfits in the same concept.

To get Alpha Flameborn bundle, follow these steps:

  • Go to the page of the Booyah Ascension event.
  • Make spins and get five Booyah Day Token Tower Vouchers.
  • Use these vouchers to get the outfit.

Don't miss this chance to attain this stunning bundle because it may be unavailable in the game when this event ends.

Alpha Flameborn Free Fire
Get Alpha Flameborn bundle in Free Fire Booyah Ascension event.

#2. Mystic Evil Bundle

Mystic Evil Bundle was introduced in Free Fire in the Booyah Wish event on November 23. This costume set has a long black jacket with purple lines. Besides, the black-purple mask also makes your character look cool, mysterious, and dangerous.

Here's how to get the Mystic Evil Bundle in Free Fire 2021.

  • Open the Lucky Wheel and make spins until you get the desired discount percentage.
  • Purchase the outfit with the discount percentage you received.

The price of this bundle depends on the discount percentage you got from the spin. Try to get it before November 29 because it will be removed after that day. Try to get it before the event finishes to equip it for your female character.

Mystic Evil Bundle
Mystic Evil Bundle is available in Booyah Wish.

#3. Doctor Red Bundle

Another Free Fire bundle you should try to obtain in 2021 is Doctor Red. It's the new bundle in the Diamond Royale spin in November 2021. To get this bundle, make sure that you have enough Diamonds in your game account to spin. Each spin costs you 60 Diamonds. You can also pay 600 diamonds at once to have 11 spins.

If your diamond wallet is empty, go to the Top-Up center in the game to top up Diamonds. Then, you will get this bundle after doing enough spins. The drop rate of this rare bundle is very low. Therefore, you may need to use more than 600 diamonds to get this item.

Doctor Red Bundle
Have you got Doctor Red Bundle yet? It will expire soon.

#4. Spirit of Booyah Bundle

Spirit of Booyah Bundle is available to purchase from the premium crate in Free Fire Booyah Store. This female outfit set has a dynamic and fashionable design with black and orange colors. It also has a cap to make your character look cool and energetic.

To get this bundle, you need to collect enough Booyah head tokens and go to the Premium section of the Booyah Store. Use these tokens to purchase the stunning costume. This bundle has orange sunglasses that are very fashionable. Start to collect tokens now to get it soon.

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