Free Fire introduces new cosmetic items frequently for players to grab. They always plan ahead tons of events in the game beforehand to make sure that there will be constant events to keep players interested. Just like last month, this month is also going to have many sets of themed events with new themed items, rewards.

In November, we are going to have a Booyah Day 2021 celebration with many Booyah Day skins, rewards. In the latest Free Fire Booyah Wish event, players will get a chance to claim the Power Of Booyah Bundle, Booyah emote, Booyah Day AUG, and Booyah Day Gloo Wall.

Booyah Wish Free Fire
In the next 6 days, Free Fire players will have a chance to get unique Booyah emote and bundle for free.

Free Fire Booyah Wish Event

Event duration: November 10 to November 16

The Free Fire Booyah Wish event is a lucky spin where you have to spin using Diamonds. There are 2 spin options: 1 time for 20 Diamonds or 11 times for 200 Diamonds. The prizes you obtain will be removed from the prize pool, giving you more chances to get the prizes you want.

There is a total of 4 Grand Prizes in the Wish:

  • Power Of Booyah Bundle
  • Booyah Day AUG
  • Booyah Day Gloo Wall
  • Booyah emote
Booyah Wish Free Fire 1
You need to use Diamonds to spin the Booyah Wish to get exclusive skins.

Apart from these Grand Prizes, there are many other valuable unique prizes in the pool for you to get. Here is the list of them:

  • Baby Shark emote
  • Detective Panda pet
  • Booyah Panda pet skin
  • Katana Booyah Day
  • Grenade Booyah Day
  • Pan Booyah Pan
  • Booyah Hunter backpack
  • Booyah Day Loot Crate
  • Booyah Victor surfboard
  • Haunted Dawn surfboard
  • Booyah Day! parachute
  • The Death Skull parachute
  • Booyah Day avatar
  • Haunting Night avatar

More Booyah Day events will be coming to Free Fire in the upcoming days so stay tuned with us and we will update you with the latest information.

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