Booyah day is an annual event that celebrates the release of Garena's streaming platform, BOOYAH!. To hype fans up for the event, Garena has just released an official announcement for Free Fire Booyah day 2021 release date and event calendar. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Booyah Day 2021 in Free Fire.

Free Fire Booyah day
The Booyah Day 2021 is going to be one of the biggest events in Free Fire this year.

1. Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 release date & event calendar

The three main phases of Booyah Day 2021 are:

  • Skin Change (Nov 8 to Nov 26)
  • Booyah Day Event (Nov 12 to Nov 29)
  • Booyah Shoot (Nov 18 to Nov 28)

While Garena has not announced the exact specifics about the upcoming events. The peak day of the event is November 20, when all three phases overlap with each other. Last year's Booyah Day 2020 is almost one month earlier.

2. List of all Booyah Day 2021 events

Apparently, Garena branches on other continents work differently. Instead of a vague outline, Free Fire Europe has posted a detailed event calendar for the EU Server:

  • Booyah-Go (12 Nov – 29 Nov)
  • Booyah-Go Leaderboard (12 Nov – 29 Nov)
  • Booyah Day Exchange Store (Classic Store: 12 Nov – 29 Nov, Premium Store: 20 Nov – 29 Nov)
  • Cumulative Login (12 Nov – 21 Nov)
  • Login Rewards (13 Nov – 18 Nov)
  • Booyah Shoot Web Event (17 Nov – 28 Nov)
  • Defeat Challenge (19 Nov – 24 Nov)
  • Leak Day Login (20 Nov)
  • Play with Leon (20 Nov)
  • Weekends Booyah Challenge (20 Nov – 21 Nov)
  • Friend Callback (20 Nov – 25 Nov)

While the exact details may vary from server to server, Garena does not do that often. This means Indian servers would probably follow the same calendar. A few rewards of booyah day 2021 have already been leaked by data miners, with the biggest focus being the Booyah Day UMP, a brand new evolution skin in Free Fire.

3. New Map Launch Event calendar

Apparently, Booyah Day 2021 is not going to be the only event run this month. KnightClown, one of the more reputable Free Fire data miners, has revealed a new event chain called "Map Launch". This event comes with its own calendar and will start on November 10, 2021. Below is the list of activities from the recent leaks.

The calendar is divided into 3 parts:

  • New Map Challenge (10-14 November)
  • Login for Custom & Craftland Room Card (10-16 November)
  • Every Login Reward (11-16 November)

Based on the calendar's name, this event might add or relaunch a particular map in Free Fire.

4. Booyah Day UMP Skin

In the upcoming Booyah Day 2021 events, Garena is going to release a brand new Evo gun skin for the UMP. It is a futuristic weapon with silver, black and orange colors, alongside a blocky design. The effects and shape of the skin change as you level it up.

UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evo
UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evo is the first evo gun with an orange theme.

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