Evo skins are the most powerful types of weapon skins in Free Fire, with an extra ability added on top of their legendary-tier stats. There has been only a handful added to Free Fire to date. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 3 best Evo Skins in Free Fire, ranked.

3. MP40 - Predatory Cobra

The existing popularity and strength of the MP40 are a big part of the Predatory Cobra Evo's success. The MP40 itself is already the fastest and most popular weapon in the game, with the ability to spray for insane damage at close range.

MP40 - Predatory Cobra
MP40 - Predatory Cobra skin

Below is the stat line of the MP40 Predatory Cobra:

  • Damage: ++
  • Rate of Fire: +
  • Reload Speed: -

Overall, on weapons with a high fire rate, a damage bonus is the most valuable. The Predatory Cobra skin boosts it twice, at the cost of reload speed. As the MP40 already has a high reload speed, this demerit does not really matter.

Its special ability allows players to deal more damage when shooting enemies in the back. This is situationally useful in close-range fights when you manage to get the drop on your foe. However, you can't do this all the time and that's why the MP40 Predatory Cobra is only #3 on this list of Evo skins in Free Fire.

2. XM8 - Destiny Guardian

The XM8 has always been one of the more decent ARs but has never been popular enough. The Destiny Guardian skin changes that issue by giving the XM8 a massive amount of extra damage. With it equipped, your DPS potential would be much more "explosive".

Destiny Guardian Xm8 Evilution Skin 1
Free Fire Destiny Guardian XM8 Evolution skin at max level.

Here are the stats of the XM8 Destiny Guardian evolution skin at max level:

  • Damage ++
  • Rate of Fire +
  • Reload Speed -

Furthermore, on top of all these extra stats, the XM8 Destiny Guardian also gains extra damage when shooting from the high ground. With all these boosts, it now has the highest damage amongst ARs.

Despite the skill description saying "high ground", you only need to be on a higher elevation than the enemy for the effect to work. This is a super easy requirement to fulfill.

Destiny Guardian Xm8
The Destiny Guardian looks much different from the previous Evo skins in Free Fire

1. AK - Blue Flame Draco

The Blue Flame Draco skin is the first evolution skin ever released in the game. This is why it is the most popular one, as Garena has not released anything like it at the time. Below are the statistics of the weapon:

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Movement Speed -

The AK is one of the more common weapons to get drag headshots... and the fire rate bonus improves that greatly. Its bonus ability allows players to deal extra damage to Gloo Walls instead of affecting players. While this might sound underwhelming, the extra damage is actually crucial in the later phases of the game, especially in the final circles.

Free Fire Skin Ak Blue Flame
The strongest amongst evo skin in Free Fire

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