Free Fire is constantly releasing new events with new and exciting content every month, and they are the best chance for players to obtain skins and items for free. This month's event is called Booyah Day - it would last until the end of the month, October 31.

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about this event. Below is a calendar for the whole event this month - it would last for 2 weeks.

1400x700 Br1
Monthly event calendar

Booyah Day check-in

From October 16 onwards, players would get free rewards when logging in. On the peak day of 24th October, players would be able to claim the UMP Booyah Day skin - it can be evolved to add new effects by leveling up.

Captain Booyah
New character Captain Booyah

Players would also be able to collect tokens to exchange for skins from October 24 onwards as well.

Booyah Day Leaderboard

From October 16 onwards, players would be able to compete globally for a spot on the Booyah event leaderboard. The top 100 would receive 2 special permanent skins: the Booyah Day Katana and Pan.

The Booyah Day Katana can also be acquired by beating the Booyah GO minigame with the highest scores possible.

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Booyah Global Milestone

This Global Booyah Milestone is a co-op event in which players in all servers work together to get beat the various milestones. The higher the total number of Booyahs, the better the rewards. All Booyahs players get in this period would be added to the count.


Booyah Exchange

Players would be able to exchange the Booyah Crown tokens from this event in the shop to get several free items, including skins and vouchers. Tokens can be acquired from daily check-in or Booyah GO.

Booyah Day Challenges

2 new challenges would appear every day from Oct 20 onwards. Players who completed all 12 challenges would get a backpack skin and a surfboard skin.

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