According to an announcement released recently on Free Fire Brazil's Instagram page, the Kalahari map would be removed from Free Fire's ranked mode starting today, Oct 16. Garena said that this decision was made based on the result of an in-game poll.

Free Fire Kalahari Ranked Games Removal

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about this event.

What is the reason behind Kalahari's removal?

Free Fire's desert map Kalahari was introduced into the game almost one year ago, in November 2019. The map was probably an attempt by Garena to spike up and change the general gameplay of Free Fire. Overall, Kalahari is a smaller and more dynamic map... which provides a much faster experience.


This somewhat backfired, however, as players, in general, do not like the change very much. According to them, Free Fire's gameplay is already fast enough - the constant fighting on Kalahari is just too much, with squads running into each other much more frequently.

The removal of Purgatory also angered a lot of players as well - with the map being the favorite of quite a few fans.

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When would Kalahari be added back?

Kalahari was added to Ranked mode back in June... and last for only 2 seasons. If this removal is similar to the previous incident with the Purgatory map, it might take up to one year for the desert map to be added back to Ranked.

Free Fire Kalahari Map En 6

The map would still be available in Free Fire classic mode, of course. All ranked mode matches from now on, including tournaments, are going to be in Bermuda and Purgatory only.

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