As the Diwali events in Free Fire are slowly coming to an end, there are already new Booyah Day events on the way. And for players to prepare for the upcoming Booyah Day events, Garena released a Booyah For Gun Skin event, giving away free Gun skin Trials. Let's check this one out.

Free Fire Booyah For Gun Skin event

Event duration: November 9 to November 13.

For the duration of the event, players can get free gun skin trials for 14 days when they play matches in Free Fire and get Booyah! Here are the details about the missions and rewards of the event:

  • Play 1 Match - M60 Viper Gangster
  • Booyah 1 times - M1887 Hand of Hope
  • Booyah 3 times - AWM VAndal Revolt
  • Booyah 5 times - SPAS12 Urban Rager
  • Booyah 7 times - 3x Weapon Royale Voucher
Booyah For Gun Skin Trial
Win Booyahs in Free Fire in order to get free gun skins trials and Weapon Royale Voucher

Players can claim the reward by winning in the Battle Royale mode or Clash Squad mode. It is a better choice to complete these tasks in Clash Squad mode because the matches are shorter and it's easier to win in the Clash Squad mode. You will also have a higher chance to win if you play with your friends.

Free Fire Booyah Day events

The Booyah Day events in Free Fire will officially start on November 12. According to the leaked Booyah Day 2021 calendar, there will be a bunch of new events, mini-games, as well as rewards, skins.

Especially, they will introduce the UMP Booyah Day 2021 Evolution skin, the 6th Evolution skin in Free Fire. There will be also a new Leon character. Stay tuned and we will update the latest events in Free Fire for you.

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