Free Fire MAX shares the same character collection as Garena Free Fire. Like in Free Fire, characters in Free Fire MAX also have unique abilities. Check out the best characters for pro fraggers in Free Fire MAX who prefer aggressive gameplay.

#1. Luqueta

Luqueta is an aggressive character in Free Fire MAX with his Hat Trick skill. It's useful for aggressive gameplay because it helps increase the max HP by 10 to 50 HP per kill at levels 1 to 6. Therefore, you should upgrade this character to get more HP when you finish enemies.

The more enemies you eliminate, the more HP you heal. It allows you to engage continually without having to stop to heal. So, Luqueta is one of the best characters for pro fraggers to do a clutch in 1v4 situations.

Luqueta Free Fire
Luqueta is one of the best characters for pro fraggers in Free Fire MAX 2021.

#2. Wolfrahh

Wolfrahh is another character for aggressive gameplay in Free MAX thanks to his Limelight ability. His skill helps reduce the headshot damage you take from enemies by 3 - 25%.

Besides, you can still kill enemies when you shoot at enemies' limbs because the damage is boosted by 3-15%. It's very useful for fraggers in this game. You can survive longer to kill more enemies and get Booyah to push rank.

Wolfrahh is one of the most good-looking and aggressive characters in this game.

#3. DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the best characters for BR modes. His 'Drop the Beat' ability is very magical and excellent for aggressive gameplay because he can create a 5m aura that helps increase the movement speed for this character by 10%.

Moreover, it also helps heal the character's HP. You can heal 5 HP per second in 5 seconds. So, it restores 25HP every time you activate his skill. So, fraggers don't need to fall back and use medkits during combat.

Dj Alok
DJ Alok is an excellent music artist who brings beats to the battleground.

#4. Xayne

The special skill 'Xtreme Encounter' of Xayne also has a healing effect that is really necessary for aggressive fraggers. It heals 80 HP temporarily for this character. Besides, it boosts damage to shields and Gloo Walls by 40%. But its CD is pretty long that is up to 150 seconds although it lasts only 10 seconds.

You can use this character or combine Xayne skill with another character to use it when rushing enemies hiding behind shields.

Xayne is also handsome and great for aggressive gameplay.

#5. Shani

Shani has a useful ability of Gear Recycle. It recovers the armor durability by 10% after each kill. So, aggressive players can avoid being killed by wearing broken military vests after fierce combat. With extra durability, you can also upgrade your armor set to level 3. So, you will be protected better, especially in hot-drop locations and last zone fights.

When you get closer to the last circle, you meet more skilled enemies and engage in more dangerous combat. You need good gear and protection to survive and win every fight.

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