Clash Squad is one of the most played side modes in Free Fire. It comes with its own map, strategy and ranking, with some players playing it exclusively while skipping the normal BR games. To improve the quality and make the mode fresh, Garena has decided to add locations from Purgatory to Clash Squad mode. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Purgatory Clash Squad.

Clash Squad
Clash Squad in Free Fire

1. Which locations on Purgatory became Clash Squad maps?

Three named towns on the Purgatory map will become a clash squad location: Crossroad, Moathouse and Central.


The crossroad is a fairly large area of flat terrains, filled with small, 1 story houses. A road divides the zone into two. Overall, the small buildings in the area provide a lot of covers, which means the combat would definitely be chaotic.

The general strategy here would be camping next to or inside the building waiting to ambush enemies.

Crossroad map


Moathouse is one of the smallest locations on the Purgatory map, being an island in the middle of a lake. When playing Clash Squad in such a small area, close range weapons like SMGs and shotguns would be the best choice.

Prepare to fight immediately as soon as the round starts.

Moathouse map


Central is probably the best choice for Clash Squad amongst the three. It has just enough houses to not be boring, and some of them have over 3 floors with climbable roofs.

Because of this, players can employ multiple strategies and gun combos in Clash Squad instead of just one.

Central map

2. When will Clash Squad Purgatory be released?

Based on the leaked trailer from the Brazillian server, Clash Squad Purgatory will be released on November 11. The update will be launched on both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX simultaneously.

release date
Clash Squad Purgatory release date

The release of Clash Squad on Purgatory also colludes with the previous leak about a "new map" event, starting tomorrow November 10th.

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