Clash Squad mode in Free Fire is a completely different game comparing to Classic BR mode. It is mostly focused on close to medium-range combat, with players getting some money to purchase weapons before a match. Because of that, shotguns, ARs and SMGs are the best choices in this mode.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 3 best gun combos for Free Fire Clash Squad season 7.

3 - UMP + M1014

This is one of the easiest and most effective combos for new players to use, as the UMP and M1014 are as straightforward as they can get. Overall, the UMP has decent medium-range damage, along with a little bit of counter for armored targets.

UMP in Free Fire

The M1014 is extremely deadly in this mode, with most players not having armors or helmets early on. You can score a quick kill with one or two shots fairly easily in close range. The weakness of this combination is its effective range - you need to move around in a smart way and get close to enemies.

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2 - FAMAS and MP5

Best gun combos need to cover all ranges. This is probably the best combo to use if you have good aim. While hard to use, the FAMAS can be deadly in the right hands, as the burst fire mode is super effective against targets without helmets. It also has a crazy good effective range as well - enough to cover the whole Clash Squad map.

FAMAS skin in Free Fire

The MP5 is a cover weapon for situations in which you have to engage in close range. Its decent fire rate and range can also aid in finishing enemies that your first FAMAS burst fails to finish off.

3 - AUG and MAG-7

Best gun combos need to be versatile. Overall, the AUG is the best all-rounder AR in Free Fire Clash Squad. It has enough range to cover the map and high enough damage to win in mid-range duels, which is definitely worth the higher cost. Just be careful when dealing with multiple enemies, as the AUG only has a magazine of 35.

Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG

The MAG-7 is a decent cover weapon, with the same strength as the M1014 in close-quarter fights. You can one or two shots players easily with its high damage. However, due to the slightly higher range, you can also use the MAG-7 as a finishing weapon when the situation arises.

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