Garena has been releasing new Free Fire updates very frequently, keeping the game fresh for players to enjoy. Usually, with every "OB" update, they add a new character and pet to the game... and OB29 is not going to be an exception.

Free Fire Characters
Moco is going to be the star of Free Fire OB29 update.

A new leak was just made available - apparently, Garena is going to add a new character, a new pet, and Moco awakening in the upcoming Free Fire OB29 update. We are going to list out everything you need to know in this post below.

1 - New Character "Thiva"

The new character Thiva is going to be the same as Kapella: a female singer with a healing ability, but will rank among the best healing characters once she arrives in Free Fire. Garena has been adding so many entertainers into the game as of late - we hardly see any actual military personnel anymore. The name "Thiva" is likely to be a localized version - she is going to be named differently in the Indian version.

Thiva Free Fire
New Thiva Character in Free Fire OB29 update

Thiva's ability is apparently a fusion of Alok and Olivia - it is an aura that heals teammates around her. However, the special twist is that the aura allows downed teammates to get up by themselves.

Teammates can get up by themselves
Teammates can get up by themselves with this skill.

Overall, this skill is going to be super OP in squad mode. Users can just activate the ability so that their teammates can get up by themselves, freeing them to engage the enemies instead.

2 - New Moco Awakening/Buff

Apparently, Moco's awakening won't give her a new ability - it will buff the current one instead. Moco's ability at max level tracks all enemies hit by her shots for 5 seconds. The awakening ability will increase that duration.

Moco is finally getting a buff
Moco is finally getting a buff to her skill in OB29 update.

Overall, this is fairly similar to Andrew's awakening, which wasn't really a big deal. This skill is going to be a good pick for rushers - enemies hit by their bullets won't be able to run and hide.

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3 - New Tiger Ninja Pet

The new pet in OB29 is going to be a Ninja Tiger. It is likely that he will be named differently in the Indian/global version of the game. The ability of this pet is more or less the opposite version of D-Bee's skill. With the pet equipped, you will deal more damage to moving targets.

Tigre Ninja Pet
Tigre Ninja Pet in Free Fire OB29 update

Overall, this is a super useful pet that's usable for everyone, as shooting moving targets is very common in Free Fire.

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