Free Fire has a unique character system that equips players with different skill sets in battles. There is currently a total of more than 40 characters in Free Fire, each with a different skill.

Among them, there are 7 characters with an ability that will heal your HP. Do you know who these characters are? Let's dive down below and see if you know all of them.

1. DJ Alok

DJ Alok was the first collaboration of Free Fire with an artist. He has been one of the best characters in Free Fire since release. His skill is called Drop the Beat, which creates a circle around that heals him 10HP/s and 15% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Dj Alok Drop The Beat
The Active Skill Drop The Beat Of Dj Alok

2. Xayne

Xayne is one of the latest characters in Free Fire. Her skill gives her 80 HP instantly and it lasts for 10 seconds. During that period you will also deal more damage to Gloo Wall and shields. Her skill is good in a short 1 vs 1 combat. However, her skill has a really big cooldown of  100 seconds.

Xayne in Free Fire

3. Jota

Jota has always been one of the best characters for rushers in Free Fire. His skill can give you 40 HP instantly when you kill an enemy with an SMG or a shotgun. With the instantly heal, you can make some really insane clutch against multiple enemies.

Jota Free Fire
Jota in Free Fire

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4. A124

A124 can quickly convert 60 EP in HP for 4 seconds with a 10 seconds cooldown. After she was buffed in the recent patch, she is now a very decent character. Combo with Miguel, you will pretty much have more EP than you need to use her skill continuously.

A124 in Free Fire

5. Olivia

Whenever Olivia revives a teammate, she will give them 70 HP instantly. While Olivia doesn't really useful in Solo mode, she is great in Squad for the support role.

Free Fire Olivia Character In Real Life
Olivia Free Fire

6. Skyler

Skyler is designed based on a famous Vietnamese singer. His skill is called Riptide Rhythm. It is an active skill that can destroy all Gloo Wall in front of him. The skill also has a passive component that heals him gradually when he places a Gloo Wall.

Free Fire Skyler New Characters
Skyler Free Fire

7. Notora

I bet you have forgotten that Notora even exists in the game because not many people use her. However, she is quite a decent healer. Her skill can heal all players in her vehicle for 5 HP every 2 seconds.

Notora Free Fire

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